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Whatever Will Be, Will Be (Que Sera, Sera)

Anyone consumed with worry as they think on the state of the current world? I mean, let's be honest. I can be. I am tempted to worry about faraway countries and their contributions to the global political climate, and the upcoming Presidential election, and the environmental and social realities in Red Deer and Alberta... Other fears could be added to the list. Yet, I am grateful I know my ultimate destination. I have, in the face of what seems like certain doom, knowledge of my fate, and my faith in the OG. I believe, with all of my being, that God is in control and that He is Good. This brings me to today's song.

Doris Day's version of Whatever Will Be, Will be (Que Sera, Sera) is a discovery of mine from my teen years. I knew of it before I knew of this song; (tu es partout saving private ryan) which the reader may recall from Saving Private Ryan. Both of them were revolutionary. Tu es partout revealed to me that music is a form of communication that transcends language and time. Que Sera, Sera got me pondering questions of fate and free will.

On faith; there are big problems and then there are your worries regarding your own identity and life. I have agency via the self. I can choose to believe and act upon any given idea. It is my choice to follow God and place my trust in His power and moral alignment (The Alignment System). Realistically, the only things I control are issues of self.

My thoughts on the future of this planet (due to my belief in the OG) become relieved when I accept His sovereignty over all things. It means I only worry about being my best Me. This does not mean I am relieved of my duty to the planet and its peoples, instead, He asks me to do my level best to contribute to the welfare of Creation. Love, not judgement. Honesty, not deception. Grace, forgiveness. Action. This is Christianity.

I encourage you, my friends, to decide for your yourselves what you believe, and then to act in furtherance of those beliefs. Your actions have meaning, and should you choose Christianity, you will sleep well in the belief He's got the Big Stuff.


Joshua Wiebe

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