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Weird Wednesdays: Instalment 1 - Furry

Welcome to Weird Wednesdays. It is a blog where I discuss some random unusual things that inspire me, every Wednesday right here exclusively on the BRD website. For this first instalment I would like to talk about some furry things that inspire me that are also dangerous. Not all of these things are necessarily animals, and I do have an interest in all creatures, although I don’t care for chickens or even tarantulas very much. But I do enjoy looking at and being inspired by furry things, especially for my artwork. So for today let’s look at some furry, fuzzy, floofy and sometimes ferocious things that are inspiring.

I will start out with moths. Specifically, Venezuelan Poodle Moths, and Dalceridae, also known as the Jewel Caterpillar Moth. Furry moths look like something that Pokémon and Disney characters are based on. Hey, but they were here first, and I have noticed a lot of aliens and fantasy creatures are based on insects. These moths are fantastical and a little bit dangerous residing in the jungle. Also I am sure that they have a nasty bite.

If you prefer to be indoors in the summer and away from the jungle like I do, enjoying some AC, you should check out microfibre blankets. These blankets are super soft and also a dangerous furry thing to have around. Why? Because it’s almost impossible not to be lazy when you have a nice furry blanket covering you. This can cost you valuable time and lost wages due to the laziness it inspires! Laying under a nice soft blanket with the AC cranked and a fan blowing cool air while eating ice cream is one of my favourite pastimes. I don’t recommend it for very busy people though because it’s addictive.

What else is addictive and furry? Pictures of Lemurs and Red Pandas. I am no expert on these animals but I do enjoy looking at images of them. This is safer and more social distancing compliant because they are both vicious and dangerous creatures despite their super cute appearance. I am inspired by the textures in fur but can only view these creatures in some images on the internet or Pinterest and Instagram.

Next I will mention fibreglass insulation. This is really fluffy looking stuff but dangerous for obvious reasons. The textures and patterns in this blown glass are very inspiring to me but I will never grab a handful unless I really am into some self torture that day. Which brings me to another inspiration I find. Being a fan of the Industrial music genre I also appreciate some electronic and psytrance stuff. I am not a raver but I have attended a few and noticed a common theme. I’m talking about the fake fur hat and tail wearing people who are predominantly at these raves. I am inspired by fake fur and these hats in particular, that come in a myriad of different colours but watch out for the wearers! With their erratic dancing and hyped up energy, don’t ever try to steal their hats. Rage city from some otherwise regular people who may be under some kind of influence. But the hats are cool.

That’s it for today’s instalment of Weird Wednesdays. If you have read this far, thanks, you are my kind of people. If I don’t become the laughing stock of the internet, watch out for the next Weird Wednesdays post, one week from today. Ciao for now.

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