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walking otis, long distance

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

local, current temperatures,

proud of otis

who is a male

and took a dump

and is thus


of celebration

One of my best friends, Stephen, lives in Edmonton. He and I try to talk at least once a week. Steve is a good and ethical human being, easily the most responsible and environmentally conscious person I have the pleasure to call a friend. I have an uncanny knack for calling around the time he walks his dog, Otis. This is partly coincidence and partly by design, as I get a rather large amount of pleasure from hearing him interact with Otis as we talk.

Stefabio is the quintessential dog person. His relationships with the dogs in his life have been a joy for me to witness, because I have been able to observe and appreciate the time and effort that goes into caring for another living being, of giving of oneself to another and being motivated only by the enrichment of your companion's life. Not only is Steve Otis' caregiver, they are also partners in shenanigans of all kinds.

This is not to say that Otis is not well-behaved. From my experience, Otis is an affable and intelligent dog, eager to please, give affection and spread joy. This is due in no small part to Steve's excellent handling and training, and also speaks to his commitment to providing the most loving home and best life a dog could ever ask for. Let me be clear, Otis won the lottery by being gifted into Stephen's care. Never have I ever seen a better home for a good boy like Otis. He gets treated to the occasional steak, roast beast, and butterball turkey, goes on almost-daily multiple hour walks at a beautiful off leash park, has a person who is in tune with his physical health and well-being and must be nearing the millions in numbers of pats and belly rubs.

My phone conversations with Steve rarely last less than an hour, and during that time I get to hear him talk and run with Otis, he keeps me updated on the number of balls lost and found, and the interactions Otis shares with his doggo friends and acquaintances. Of note here is that I am also privy to the frequency, size and consistency of Otis' shits. Being men, this is something that must be shared and/or celebrated. There are few things in life as satisfying as a good, healthy deuce, and Otis is the captain of the all-star team for champion turds.

Here is to my life-long friend Stephen, and his dog Otis, two peas in a pod.

Joshua Wiebe

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