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the matriarch

absolutely necessary

you could not

form a sentence

without her

she is a verb

This past week my mother flew in from Raleigh, North Carolina to visit me for Thanksgiving. It was the first time in 4 years that we were able to see each other. I love my mom.

I had written the beginnings of a poem this past year regarding motherhood in general, and my mother specifically. It came together for me during our visit. The idea is this: Mothers are verbs. Love is a verb. Mothers actively demonstrate and live their love for their brood through sacrifice and action. They do not just say "I love you," they illustrate that love through concrete and demonstrable deeds. This is nowhere truer than for my mom. Often, I find myself taken aback by the amount my mother continues to give to her (adult) children, through financial or practical gifts, thoughtful gestures or intimate moments. We are in her mind and prayers, constantly.

While I recognize you could not construct a sentence, or world, without fathers (nouns), it seems to me this contribution to life is somewhat less than a mother's (or a verb.) A noun just is: a verb does. My mother's life is dominated by her passion for her children. She works tirelessly to gift us the best opportunities and solutions she can help provide. She accepts us without condition and is always on our side.

Mom, this one is for you.

Joshua Wiebe

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