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An Open Letter to Alberta:

The Left is right, the Right is wrong. The Right is one of the reasons why we need the Left. In general, those on the Right choose an ethos of their individual good over that of the public. They do not want to give of their efforts to the many. This is, I believe, the distillation of the Conversative view. What would be their contribution? A significant percentage of gross income.

If someone is not willing to contribute financially, and is able to avoid doing so, why would we assume that other humans occupy any separate part of their interests or attention? It is likely they do not. The answer lies in financing institutions to care for us in the stead of its citizenry. This would provide, at the minimum, a standard level of quality of life. We would be saying “we see you; we will care for you until that time when (if) you are able to return to work.”

But out of sight, out of mind. It is my belief that many Conservatives are ignorant or are somehow blind to the fates of the unwell. These men and women are willing to finance - with their savings from avoiding taxes - politicians and NGOs to pander to their minority rights. The public allows this to occur because their interest is often in the pretense their rights are more important individually than that of the collective unfortunate. This is born out in our present reality. The Conservative actively adopts willful ignorance.

A Notley victory would formalize our statement that Albertans are willing to take one for the team and do the right thing.

Joshua Wiebe

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