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I was always a fan of the mixtape. During my teen years I spent many hours recording songs from the radio and other cassettes in the search of the perfect combination of tunes to express my desperate and hormonal thoughts. I mostly made them for girls, who generally did not appreciate my attempts to woo them, or my taste in music. The rejections I and my tapes received were probably not helped by the accompanying bad poems. It turns out most teenage girls are somewhat uncomfortable with confessions of dark obsession and suicidal threats if one's advances are turned down. Who knew?

Even though I had very little success with my mixtapes, this did not dissuade me in creating cd's and playlists as technology advanced. I felt it my duty to share my passions through carefully selected songs, which brings us to this blog post. Consider yourself lucky to experience how lame a middle aged, mentally ill white man can be in the form of song!

I am interested to read what you may think of this specific playlist, so consider yourself invited to respond in the comment section. As always, you can reach me at or any of my social media channels with ideas for blogs/playlists/poems. Also: I love a good soul food recipe!

Joshua Wiebe

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