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Running on Witchy Time

Happy New Moon, fellow Hags, Magic Weavers, Seekers and Moon Lovers.

Yes, the new moon was last night, but if you are like me, you practice that the energy of our special days/nights kick off one day before and lasts through to one day after. There is still time tonight to get your tools ready and catch the new moon energy that leads us into the energy of Samhain's Blue Moon. This is a moment that I do not want to miss. Now is the time to send your requests, wishes and desires to the new moon and watch them unfold during the full moon.

Running late with my energy work for this moon does not mean that I haven't been preparing for it. The fact is that I have been doing a lot of smaller, but significant work during the last few weeks leading up to this point. Shedding the little things and slowly but surely working to untether the larger burdens I have been carrying, while building a picture in my mind of what it is that I want for this new cycle.

Realizing this last night brought me back to the basics of spell crafting. All you ever really need is yourself, a vision and feeling of what you want, and a little Time, Space, Energy. In this case we will say the new moon. (And a writing tool, and some paper. Keep records of your work, you are going to need them.) A little added note here. Many of the people I have spoken to today have been going through a similar experience. Lacking rest, seemingly stuck reviewing and purging issues from the past, and trying to figure out what the what for the near future. Having realized this today, I suddenly feel like I’m not late at all. I’m completely paired with the energy of this time, doing exactly what I need to be doing.

That’s not to say that if you have been sleeping well and you are totally content with life right now that you are not paired with the new moon energy and have no use for it. In such cases, I would say “high five friend”. You, unlike myself, have more than likely been gliding the tides of life, or going with the flow, rather than trying to beat and swim against them. If there is nothing else for you to ask for tonight, send a little boost up and shout out for a friend, for your fellow humans, for a special cause, for me, for what ever you want and so on.

What ever the reason, nothing I have been investing in during the last few days has gone as planned, including this article. And Believe me when I say that I had many great suggestions, amusing lines, and captivating arrangements of words that would paint a truly romantic scene for your work during this new moon. But that’s not how things shook out this time around and so I will be leaving you with these simple bits.

If you close your eyes and think of what you want, and your chest feels light and you find yourself smiling, simply ask the energy, if only in your mind, to permeate every cell of all your bodies. And when you feel completely full see that new moon like a wishing well in the night sky and sail those wishes away. It's really that easy.

Wish well, and well wishes. Have an excellent night Happy People.

All Hail the New Moon!

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