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Red Deer Reality Rant #8 - Now That's Entertainment

Hello and welcome back for another Red Deer Reality Rant, here exclusively on Brutal Reality Digest, coming at you every Monday! If I write this blog until I run out of things to say, then this blog will likely never finish. But I will continue to write as long as some of you continue to find it amusing, and maybe still for awhile after that if Red Deer continues to confound me as it surely will.

I have already discussed in blog #2 how Red Deer has a ridiculous amount of restaurants. The delivery drivers are seemingly going non-stop in this city. I prefer to dine out if I’m going to eat restaurant food because I like to let someone else do the clean up, receive my food at a decent temperature and maybe have a nice experience in a different setting.

Understandably, times have changed. Viruses as well as germs abound and we have all become a little more introverted thanks to this pandemic, but seriously, where is the entertainment around here? For the last 2 years going out in public only happens for me if I go to a restaurant, and some of the ones I have been to seem to have very few dine in customers.

It’s easy enough to cook at home, and to stay at home, and even to work at home. But it has become quite dull looking at 4 walls and not living life experiences, just going day to day with a similar routine. You might say, why not check out a bar? Red Deer does have some entertaining ones, but for me, restaurants and bars have lost their appeal these last couple of years due to the lack of variety of things to get out and do in Red Deer.

There are only a few venues in Red Deer with live music and entertainment these days. If you are interested, you can check out the Velvet Olive, the Vat, Social 13, and the Hideout to name a few. But all in all, a city this size should have far more things to see and do, activities, live entertainment and other reasons to get out of the house.

I know some performers, artists, actors, musicians and such, some whose livelihoods have been affected and most are itching to get back out and play. Several years ago, Red Deer had some cool arts and culture events going on like Centrefest, Nuit Blanche, as well as live theatre from C.A.T and Scott Block and cool venues like Fratters, which became the Krossing and now is no more.

Yes, it’s nice to sit in the comfort of your home and watch movies and play video games while consuming fine delivery cuisine or delectable fast food, but life is about experience I say, and I personally have been very uninspired for the last couple of years due to the lack of experiences. Covid is not over, but we can still play responsibly and get out and have some fun.


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