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Red Deer Reality Rant #78 - All Hallows Eve Activities

Hello there fellow Red Deerians and welcome back for another Red Deer Reality Rant. Tomorrow is Halloween, I had mentioned a couple of blogs back that it is a favourite time of year for me. In the Halloween spirit, today I have a list for you of top ten best Halloween activities that you can do right here in Red Deer.

Keep in mind, that it is only a matter of opinion whether or not these activities are feasible. And maybe you might scoff at some of them, but try to keep an open mind. And if you don’t like it, too bad, because to each their own. I think it’s good to have a little fun before the Christmas holidays make everything merry and bright. But right now, it’s spooky season so here goes:

  1. Watch a scary movie. There’s no better time than Halloween to be scared, and scared safely at that from the comfort of home or even at the theatre, because there’s safety in numbers.

  2. Go trick or treating. It doesn’t matter how old you are, people will still give you candy. However, if you are older than 13 they will likely be giving you candy out of fear, but hey, free candy is free candy. But be nice anyway, and leave the tricks out of it if they don’t give you candy.

  3. Visit Little Gaetz after dark. It’s a creepy area of town at night so enter if you dare! If it’s too much, you can always go to Ross Street and check out the Haunted House in Ross Street Ice Cream Co.

  4. Hand out candy at home. You get to see neat costumes and maybe make a kid’s day with some good treats. My favourite thing to get as a kid was chocolate bars, so get the best kind.

  5. Hand out candy on the street. Maybe just only offer to adults though, after all we’re always taught as children not to take candy from strangers.

  6. Listen to spooky music. Some classical music is more terrifying than death metal. Apple Music, YouTube and Spotify have some great Halloween playlists.

  7. Visit the Zed Haunted House. It’s at Parkland Mall this year and as always, goes to support the Boys and Girls Club of Red Deer. They always have great special effects and the actors are fantastic.

  8. Visit a real Haunted House. There’s lots on 55 street, just walking by some of them will give you the heebie jeebies. If that’s too much, maybe just go for a drive or walk around and check out the yard decorations all over town.

  9. Do some shopping at the mall, and bring your kids if you have them. Most stores hand out candy to kids. If you don’t have kids, just do your shopping, and you will still get to see the cool costumes at least.

  10. Dress up in a costume and haunt the town. Put on your costume at the start of your day and live your life as usual, it’s actually fun to be a spectacle and it’s allowed on Halloween. Don’t forget to go somewhere for entertainment too, out for lunch or dinner or for drinks.

There you have it. A Halloween list of activities for Red Deer. Whatever you choose to do, enjoy yourself and be safe. I may be haunting the town myself, we’ll see. Until next week, this is Red Deer Reality Rant on Brutal Reality Digest’s blog page!


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