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Red Deer Reality Rant #76 - Spooktober Fun

Hello fellow Red Deerians. I’m sure that everyone is enjoying their October, especially since it’s so unseasonably warm. No one wants to think about the coming winter months and while we delay, I would like to say that October is a favourite month of mine, no matter what the temperature is. I do prefer the crisp autumn air this time of year. But it is nice to go about without a jacket. Today I would like to speak about why October is a great month and some of my favourite things about the autumn season.

First up is the events. There’s markets and music, Hallowe’en themed parties and haunted houses. This year I plan on checking out both Youth HQ’s Zed Haunted House and the one happening on Ross Street at Tacoloft in support of Morning Star, a women’s outreach program. This year the Zed Haunted House is at Parkland Mall and is as always, a great cause supporting the Red Deer Boys and Girls Club. They always have some cool special effects, I have been going every year for quite a while.

This year is the first year that Tacoloft is hosting a haunted house in the Ross Street Ice Cream Co. space, they have titled it “Scare Because You Care” in support of women’s outreach, Morning Star. I don’t think that charities should be considered competition for each other so I am happy to go to both haunted houses. It will be interesting to see what Tacoloft has dreamed up for their space, and both haunted houses support great work in our community.

Next up on my list of great things about October is spooky season and all things scary themed. I enjoy the costumes and rich colours of the fashion along with the critters featured on them. I have a collection of wearable items featuring spiders and bats such as brooches and rings as well as clothing, scarves, and accessories. I even continue to wear them in the winter because December and January are dismal and creepy stuff cheers me up.

Another great thing about October is scary movies. There’s so many classics to watch again and again, and so many ways to watch. At Galaxy cinema The Exorcist: Believer, Saw X and The Nun 2 are playing if you enjoy being terrified. At Carnival cinema they have some movies that are tamer such as It Lives Inside and Haunted Mansion. But you can also enjoy the best of both worlds by

streaming movies at home, all the apps have great stuff to watch, Disney+ has Hocus-pocus for the tame or The Hills Have Eyes if you want something especially creepy.

Some favourite shows of mine to watch in October are: Natural Born Killers, any of the Hellraiser movies, Queen of the Damned, the Amityville horror movies, any of the Nightmares on Elm Street, the Silence of the Lambs and any of the Saw movies are always terrifying. There’s also comedy, you can watch the new tv show What We Do in the Shadows, not a favourite of mine but it’s comedic nonetheless, but I gotta watch Ernest Scared Stupid, Beetlejuice, the Scary Movie Series, and of course, Little Nicky because they are all hilarious movies. Although I will watch those any time of year.

Let’s not forget about the food this time of year! From Thanksgiving dinner, to pumpkin pie, Hallowe’en candy, soups and stews, candy apples, and of course the most dreadful but very delicious Starbucks Pumpkin Spice drinks. This year Starbucks has a Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew that is my new favourite drink, amazing, but they never stir it, so I recommend asking for a straw.

October is also only time of year that pumpkin cheesecake is available, and that my favourite store ever, a soap company, has their best products. I always stock up on the Ghost soap, it has bergamot in it and the black bath bomb Bat Art that turns your bath water inky black and sparkling purple. My life would be miserable without Lush products, I am forever sad that they closed their location in Red Deer, but thankfully I can still order online. On the 31st Hallowe’en ends the month with a last hurrah of festive spookiness with costumes and trick or treating but not too many parties unless it falls on a weekend.

Yes, there are many great things about October. I’m enjoying it very much thus far. I’m usually sad November 1st because people seem to immediately think about Christmas and will even put up their Christmas tree. Bah humbug! Until next week, thanks for reading my rant and stay safe and healthy and as always, stay Brutal!


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