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Red Deer Reality Rant #74 - Adopt, Don't Shop in Red Deer

Hello fellow Red Deerians! It's a great time of year for me, Autumn is my favourite season. The leaves are starting to turn, temperatures are unseasonably warm but I will take it, and Starbucks has an amazing Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew that makes a pumpkin spice latte seem passé. October is almost upon us and I have been grateful for a dude who came into my life just one year ago. His name is Oscar and he is beautiful as heck. Fluffy and orange with brownish eyes, with a wonderful personality I won the cat lottery when I got him. His birthday was August 1st so now he is one year old, and as gentle as ever. Oscar the friendly lion!

Last year they were advertising him on Kijiji as a mouser, but he is no such thing. He is as gentle as a lamb, maybe even gentler, he has never once struck out or bit or scratched me. I got him from a search on Kijiji, and did not pay a cent for him. I saw his picture and could not resist. I am a very responsible animal owner, so Oscar himself is very lucky to be in my home. Such is not the case for many animals who are given away free. They sometimes end up in a terrible home where they are not cared for properly, and even abused. They say that you should never give a dog away for free, because if someone pays for an animal they may appreciate their value more and treat them much better.

Here is a picture of Oscar when I took him to the vet for shots:

I did get him from an ad on Kijiji, and while I am grateful to have him in my life, I don't recommend shopping for animals. He was "free" I did not exchange dollars for him. However, there are many organizations in Red Deer who seek homes for rescued animals, who are very much in need of good homes.

Being a responsible pet owner means taking your pet to a veterinarian not only when they are ill or hurt, but for checkups when they are healthy too, usually every year. It is also extremely important to take them for vaccinations against diseases and other illnesses, to keep them safe. Oscar is vaccinated for rabies, distemper and leukemia. He is in excellent health, but does not like the vet!

Also to be a good pet owner you must feed them even before you feed yourself and ensure they have all of their needs met to be happy and healthy. And don't forget to give them the attention they need, whether it be some consensual pets or a bit of exercise like going for a walk or playing. Doing all of these things for your pet is not only responsible, but rewarding because they will give back to you their unconditional love, which is worth more than all of the money in the world.

Here is a list of some organizations and links to their websites in or near Red Deer where you can find a new friend in need of and deserving of a good home:

1. Central Alberta Humane Society webpage link

2. Hope Lives Here Animal Rescue webpage link

3. Paws and Claws Animal Rescue Foundation webpage link

4. Alberta Animal Services webpage link

I certainly hope this blog helps find some deserving critters a good new home. Until next week, this is Red Deer Reality Rant on Brutal Reality Digest. I will be here next week with another post, so I'll see you then!


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