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Red Deer Reality Rant #71 - Labour Day Heroes

Hello fellow Red Deerians. Happy long weekend to everyone! Today is a national holiday, Labour Day, so today’s post will focus on that theme. Labour Day has been around since 1894, and celebrates the achievements of workers. In years past, in Canada it was a major holiday with parades and celebrations across the country. Nowadays people are just happy to have the day off, but there are many workers who have to plug away at their jobs despite statutory holidays. It is for these workers that I would like to celebrate today.

During the pandemic, health care workers finally got some recognition and accolades for their tireless efforts. Then, if you remember, our provincial government gave them a slap in the face by cutting funding and letting go of many of their jobs. As if that wasn’t enough, much of the public became angry in the face of the pandemic, and protests were held at hospitals and other health care facilities across Canada. These workers continue to be sorely unappreciated and underpaid.

They are a vital part of the free world and the free healthcare system in Canada. Most of them are working today, hospitals and clinics, emergency services, nurses, doctors, police, paramedics, firefighters, these are services that never stop and take the day off. They are high stress jobs, and have to deal with trauma and pain, sometimes seeing the worst of our city, our province, our country and must remain calm, focused and diligent in order to serve the people.

I believe that it takes a different and special kind of person to be a healthcare and/ emergency worker. Sometimes you may hear stories about some who slipped up on their job and did something wrong in the eyes of the public. But can you even imagine the pressure and stress that comes with those jobs? I am not condoning their mistakes, if I were in their shoes however I would surely be insane. They are the best, and the strongest of our society. Yes, the ones who do make a terrible mistake must be accountable. It is part of the job, but it must also be taken into consideration that these people are human and therefore breakable.

Where are the accolades now? Covid might be over, but healthcare workers are still working tirelessly as heroes, saving lives and helping people. We need to appreciate them, to let them know they are making a difference, and to thank them. Next time you are dealing with a healthcare professional or an emergency worker, please take the time to say thank you and let them know that they are appreciated. It’s a small thing to do but is important for bolstering their resolve and just spreading good vibes. I can’t imagine how difficult it would be to work in a thankless job with that level of stress and pressure. To all of you, health care professionals, emergency workers, nurses, doctors, police, paramedics, and firefighters, I see you, and I am thankful.


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