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Red Deer Reality Rant #70 - What Makes the World Go 'Round

Hello fellow Red Deerians. I’m back for another Red Deer Reality Rant. Truth be told I have been feeling quite apathetic lately and it seems to encompass my entire environment. It’s very hard to tell when you feel this way if it’s only yourself and your own problems, or if it’s an actual pandemic affecting everyone. It might even be a precursor to depression.

My personal experience with apathy consists of a sense of hopelessness that then leads to the idea of giving up and then an acceptance of the situation and finally results in a “who cares?”attitude where I only exist and function basically, in ignorance of the problems that put me on the path to apathy in the first place.

It seems too easy to just ignore the problems of the world and merely exist in a basic manner. Because as soon as you start thinking about the problems of the world you might become overwhelmed and/or anxious or depressed or even terrified. Easy enough to just accept that the world has problems and that there’s nothing that you can personally do to fix it so you just keep living your life in blissful ignorance.

It’s not wrong to live this way. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t. There are people who battle the world’s problems. There are people who fight and try to save the world. I’m not one of them. I write this blog, I share my experience and my opinions. But actions? Is that what is needed here? I think not. Not by me, anyway. Not by a small group of people, not by a large group of people. Not by one city or one country. What is needed is a collective effort by the entire world.

The problem with this is the world is divided. And it is divided into thousands and perhaps millions of different ideas. We are individuals, we are not like the Borg from Star Trek where society functions as one entity. Becoming like the Borg is not the answer either. Our world’s top thinkers have been trying to figure out a solution for centuries to solve world problems. Some believe that the only hope is to abandon ship and move to another planet.

I am not a great philosopher. But it seems to me that we should save this planet. How can we accomplish this though if we can’t organize the entire world to act collectively to do just that? As an individual, you are not responsible to solve the world’s problems. Who is responsible are the handful of people who rule the world. They have the power to create change. Organization is done by governments.

The best thing you can do as an individual to save the world is to demand it from our government. From our leaders. Isn’t that why we have leaders in the first place? They are accountable and have the means to solutions. If you don’t think that they will listen to you then the best thing you can do is vote for the ones who will. I don’t want to live in this apathy, wake up everyone!


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