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Red Deer Reality Rant #65 - The Meaning of Success

Hello and welcome back for another Red Deer Reality Rant! I had a great weekend, I hope that you did too. Summer is in full swing and there’s a plethora of activities happening around Red Deer, but if you’re like me, funds are in short supply and a person can only afford so much. Even though I believe that life is about experience and not money, oftentimes experiences themselves cost money. But what does it mean to have a successful life? It is not just experiences and money, I will show you how below.

I consider myself a success. I am not rich by any means. I do not have a high paying job or a house or any children or expensive material possessions. However, it was my birthday this past weekend and I was, and am grateful for what I do have. I have my family, they are there for me no matter what. I have true friends, they are there for me, and we have good times and experiences together. I have my two cats Oscar and Merlin who provide unconditional love. I admire their characters and love them back as well as give them the best life that two furballs can have.

I also have myself. I have lived this long and may or may not live many more years, but that doesn’t matter. Because I have accepted myself and have become content with the fact that I live on this earth and I guess that I will stay here as long as I am meant to be. That statement is a lot more self worth than I have ever had in my entire life, so I believe that makes me a success in itself. Because I have survived much, and am still here to tell you about it is yet more proof that I am successful.

And very importantly, I have my Art. If I have nothing else, I will always have Art. No one can ever take it away from me and it is worth a lot, because it is my greatest joy and purpose. Even if no one but myself likes it, it is mine, and I have the best time ever creating. I can make the entire world disappear while creating and that time is precious to me.

I have several friends who are very successful by the world’s standards. Some of them are blind to the fact. To them, as is with most people you must have a great job and house and family. They do have these things, but somehow are left wanting more. But it doesn’t matter why, to me. I give them my friendship, and I hope that they know the value because I am loyal and will never abandon them. I hope for the best for them and that they will achieve their dreams so that they can see their own success and be happy.

That is the epitome of success in my opinion. To be happy. If you are happy with your lot in life and wake up every day wanting nothing more, then you are most certainly the richest most successful person you can be. I am not there myself. There is much more I want, and without being greedy, I know it is possible, a dream that is everyone’s right.


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