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Red Deer Reality Rant #60 - Dad's Day, a Tribute

Hello fellow Red Deerians! It has been a rather hot June so far and we really need some rain. Smoky air is not fun for anyone, and many of us want to enjoy summer activities. At least we can be thankful here in Red Deer that our city is not on fire and we are not evacuated. My heart goes out to all those affected by the wildfires here in Alberta and all of Canada. A fire ban is a small price to pay for public safety and fire prevention.

That being said, this coming Sunday is Father’s Day, and unless we get a few downpours before then there will be no campfires. I have plans to have a picnic with my Dad, who is the main topic for today’s post. It is unlikely that we will be able to roast hotdogs on an open fire, but here’s hoping for this week to be soggy enough so that we can do just that on Sunday. I know it’s a lot to ask, but I don’t get to see my Dad often enough although he does live in Calgary and just maybe Mother Nature will smile on us and Red Deer in general this time.

Anyway, enough about the weather. Today I would like to tribute this blog post to my Dad in light of this upcoming Father’s Day. He has earned my respect and then some since my childhood. Some people think that a person should respect their parents no matter what, but I disagree. Anyone can be a parent, but it takes a special and great man to be a Dad. There are plenty of people out there who should not have children, I am one of them. I could never do anywhere close to the amazing job that my parents did, and I have chosen not to have kids. However I have a lot of respect for my friends and family that do, and do an awesome job with their children.

He looks like a bit of a wild man, doesn’t he? This is a recent picture and while I was growing up he looked quite different from now. Nevertheless, he is my Dad and I am proud to be his daughter and I can assure you that he has the very best character and raised me properly to be a good human even though he worked in the oilfield. It is because of him that I exist and also one of the reasons I am still alive to this day despite many rough years. My Dad and I didn’t always see eye to eye. As a teenager I caused my parents much grief and exasperation. I know that a lot of kids do, but I am eternally grateful that my parents stuck by me despite all of the things I did and the attitude I had.

We get along very well now, and he himself has had some very rough years, and some trying times in the last decade. But he came out of it all a winner, just as he taught me to do. I love my Dad, and I have a lot of respect for him, that he earned and deserves very much. I want to wish him and all of the other stellar dads out there a fabulous Father’s Day. My gift to him is our time together and I believe that there are many more years to come. It’s his 81st birthday on the 29th of June. He will live past 100 I’m sure with his tenacity and stubborn will, and his perfect health. He is in better shape physically than I am, look for us this weekend in the park running circles around the youngsters!


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