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Red Deer Reality Rant #54 - Red Deer Art Scene Realities

Hello fellow Red Deerians! Thanks for checking out this instalment of Red Deer Reality Rant. The last two posts were reviews of some fine local establishments, and Red Deer truly has many. Living downtown is an experience that I wouldn’t trade for an apartment in another area. It’s true that downtown has it’s problems, but so does everywhere and I am happy to make my home here, close to the awesome local amenities.

Today’s blog is not a review per say, but rather some shameless self promotion and a commentary on a subject near and dear to my heart, that deserves more attention here in Red Deer. In case you haven’t already guessed, I’m talking about Art. Of course, as many of you know, I am a visual artist. I write this blog weekly because I enjoy writing, but it is by no means my best skill.

Sometimes people ask me how long I have been an artist. I always say that I have been ever since I could hold a pencil. And that is the truth, because all children are artists until someone tells them they are not. No one has ever disputed me, so that is what I became. I read an article recently that was a list of the worst jobs to be had, artist is on that list, and the article had some valid points. But I disagree because I can’t imagine being anything else. It’s a passion, and I do have a day job because it’s not something that pays enough to live on, but is one of the best joys in my life.

In years past, Red Deer had more focus on arts and culture than nowadays, and my dream is to see a revival of arts and culture in Red Deer. There are some great artists and venues and organizations in Red Deer presently, and they are all doing amazing work. But I believe that the city, local artists and the community itself can do more to promote arts and culture in Red Deer.

The Red Deer arts scene is small and cliquish, but I believe that to be true of all arts scenes so I am not offended.

I am one to talk though. I promote my work the best I can and I have a membership with the Red Deer Arts Council but I could do more. As an emerging artist in Red Deer, I have applied for most of the galleries and tried to be more involved but my nature is introverted and reclusive so I don’t really have a lot of success. One of the bonuses of being an artist though, is that people expect these things from you and you’re allowed to be a bit weird.

View of the Red Deer River and the Tolman Badlands by A. Forsberg

I will talk to anyone and everyone who will listen about my artwork and the Arts in general. Since you have read this far, I think it’s time for the shameless self promotion I mentioned in the second paragraph and the promotion of some fine establishments and organizations that promote the arts in Red Deer.

  1. Red Deer Arts Council - located on 49th street in downtown Red Deer

  2. Red Deer Museum and Art Gallery

  3. Riverlands Studio

  4. Kiwanis Gallery at Red Deer Public Library

  5. Artribute Art School

  6. Alberta Art and Drafting Supplies in downtown Red Deer

  7. Artist Michael Huyzer of A Plus Art Studio

  8. Art is Off the Wall - my personal brand

  9. The Velvet Olive - venue that supports local artists and musicians

  10. Red Deer Scene Magazine - supporting live music, events and visual arts in Red Deer

  11. Red Deer Polytechnic Visual Arts

Starting May 5, my artwork will be displayed and available for sale at the Velvet Olive lounge here in Red Deer for my self titled show The Nature of Variegation. The first Friday of every month is the opening night of art galleries in Red Deer, commonly known as First Fridays. Show your support for local artists and come on out on May 5th! I would love to see you at the Velvet Olive and it’s a nice little tour of downtown Red Deer on First Friday, for all of the galleries. Check out Red Deer Arts Council for more info or Red Deer Scene Magazine.


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