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Red Deer Reality Rant #52 - Tacos, Anyone? A Review

Hello Red Deer! Last week I was complaining about Spring. Although I don’t enjoy the muck, thanks to the balmy weather it has made me realize that patio season is coming soon. I do enjoy having drinks and food on a breezy patio as a way to beat the heat when it’s too warm in my home. I venture downtown a lot and businesses on Ross Street are preparing for patio season. One such place is Tacoloft. I was wandering by on Saturday and it looked good to go.

I was at Tacoloft last week and had my usual awesome experience, and I am so impressed by the place that I am inspired to write this rave review. Brutal Reality Digest has always been a firm supporter and believer in supporting local, not just artists and musicians but everything in Red Deer and area, and Tacoloft is so extremely deserving I just have to share. Fun fact: when BRD was in print, you could get a copy at Tacoloft and we were always bringing them new issues and extra copies.

Tacoloft is open year round and if you haven’t been, you are severely missing out. Located on Ross Street downtown, it has been open for a couple of years now and offers the most amazing gourmet tacos, nachos, and stellar margaritas in town. They also have many more awesome items on their menu, all very authentic and prepared with attention to detail for the best flavours possible.

The restaurant interior has an awesome decor you won’t find anywhere else in Red Deer. It’s a welcoming and cheery place with a Mexican theme. There’s a huge assortment of hot sauces and they make an amazing in house hot sauce that truly rivals the best brands. I tried 2 other brands of hot sauce this past visit and while they were very delicious, didn’t have the same pop as the Tacoloft made sauce.

Everything on the menu goes with the awesome sauce, on this occasion I had to share a full order of nachos. Seriously, these are the best nachos in town. You won’t find fresher ingredients heaped so abundantly, or as tasty as these. My only regret is that I was sharing, but in truth you have to because it is a great deal of food. But let’s not forget the drinks!

They have the best margaritas I have ever had. I have never been to Mexico, so maybe I don’t have a lot of comparison, however Tacoloft margaritas are amazing because of their uniqueness in Red Deer. There is not a bar in town that can compete with these margaritas, served with a slice of lime and pineapple and a much finer tequila than anywhere else. If I am craving a quality drink, Tacoloft’s rhubarb jalapeño margarita is my first choice. On Wednesdays, margaritas are half price and you can enjoy a good variety of them that are sweet, savoury, or both sweet and savoury.

All I can say is, get on down to Tacoloft if you’re not there already! Now that I have written this rave review, maybe I will see you there because I now have a huge hankering for tacos and a margarita. (Side note: this is Red Deer Reality Rant. Today’s review is my opinion and a rave review at that. It is not endorsed by anyone, but if anyone wants to buy me lunch at Tacoloft I won’t say no!)


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