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Red Deer Reality Rant #51 - It's a Spring Thing, a Rant

Hello Red Deerians! Most people are in better spirits these days with warmer temperatures and spring weather. Myself, on the other hand am in a bit of a funk thanks to this period of annual equinoxes. I almost didn’t write this rant for today. But then I realized that it’s an opportunity to explain my opinion on the vernal season known as springtime. For me, it’s a mucky, filthy season that usually ruins a good pair of shoes so I generally don’t buy any shoes until summer is almost here. But the muck and mud is a minor woe when it comes to the changes in my mood this time of year.

I talked in a previous post about depression, a condition that I have much personal experience with. I do not have a diagnosis of Seasonal Affective Disorder, however every year I find myself down in the dumps in springtime. Persons who have Seasonal Affective Disorder get depressed from having a lack of sunlight. I, however feel worse the more sun I get. I also despise summer because the searing sun almost murders me every year. I tend to burn easily and get sunstroke quite quickly if I spend too much time outdoors.

Spring is the precursor to the dreaded hot temperatures in July and August, from April to June temperatures vary wildly freezing one day and toasty the next. I understand that most people find it to be a time of renewal and rebirth but I find that it is the time of year when I am most grouchy and tired beyond belief. The thing about winter is it makes you feel alive and the crisp air wakes me up. In spring I am exhausted for no apparent reason and my mood is black.

While I’m grumping about being tired, it’s nothing compared to the exhaustion of summer heat. The sun is like a vacuum that sucks the energy right out of me and I can barely move at sloth level. Now in April the days are getting longer and I have to tolerate sun more often than I did all winter. Some people might think I am a vampire because of how much I detest sunlight. I also detest bright artificial lights and prefer low light at home. Rest assured that I am no vampire, I am a vegetarian in any case. I just prefer the comfort of low lights and dark winter nights.

Before you write me off as crazy, know that thanks to my sun despising habits I am much less likely to get skin cancer. I’ve never had an actual tan and I would like to keep it that way. I do take a vitamin D supplement because I know it’s necessary when you avoid sun as much as I do. What I will say for spring is that I do appreciate the medium temperature days between plus five and plus ten degrees Celsius. It reminds me of my favourite time of year, autumn, when life is good.

To sum up, spring is a grouchy and muddy mess of a season in my experience, but I will do my best in future rants to not let that shine through too much. Today is a true rant, but I will be here next week possibly to rave about good experiences as well. Until then, stay brutal!


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