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Red Deer Reality Rant #50 - Like Minded Ideals

Hello and welcome back for this 50th instalment of Red Deer Reality Rant! I’ve written on a variety of topics all related to Red Deerians and many to the rest of the world. For today’s post I would like to list 50 values and ideals that I believe and live by and write these rants with all of these principles in mind. It’s hard to believe I have written 50 posts already but there’s always room for more topics! These are all things that help me write. Here’s a look at the list:

  1. ​Be nice

​11. Support local artists

21. Be empathetic

2. Be kind

​12. Support local businesses

​22. Share knowledge

3. Support local

​13. Support local Music

​23. Share skills

​4. Give what you have

​14. Share family values

​24. Speak freely

5. Be truthful

​15. Be fair

​25. Speak up for underdogs

​6. Hold the Gov't accountable

​16. Promote diversity

​26. Be accepting

​7. Keep up Morale

​17. Be inclusive

​27. Speak up for the vulnerable

​8. Stay Positive

​18. Never judge individuals

​28. Speak for yourself

​9. State your case

​19. Be compassionate

​29. Have integrity

​10. Share friend's accomplishments

​20. Don't compare yourself to others

​30. Be spontaneous

31. See from different perspectives

41. Be original

​32. Value ideas

​42. Be authentic

​33. Be anti racism

​43. Be humble

​34. Support charities

​44. Compare ideas

​35. Be concise

​45. Value morality

​36. Speak clearly

​46. Be inspiring

​37. Maintain relevance

​47. Promote hope

​38. Communicate with confidence

​48. Speak plainly and conversationally

​39. Have respect

​49. Don't say anything too stupid

​40. Share goals

​50. Stay brutal!

If you tend to agree with these values and ideals then Red Deer Reality Rant may be for you! Check out the other 49 using tags unless you don’t mind scrolling! New Rant every Monday and special thanks to my loyal readership! That’s it for today, I know it’s a doozy of a list. I’ll be here next week with more ranting. Until then, if you like my opinions, check out my fellow bloggers P-Vock and Joshua Wiebe. They are both awesome writers. And if you are interested in writing for BRD, drop us an email at


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