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Red Deer Reality Rant #44 - Not Mine, the Capitalist Valentine

Hello and happy Monday the 13th! I believe that Mondays are far less lucky than Fridays, theoretically speaking, but I have no problem with the number 13. I am not superstitious, bad things happen and it’s not a matter of luck. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the supposed and of course non statutory holiday that is tomorrow. The dreaded V-Day.

Valentine’s Day, now sometimes called Galentines Day or Singles Awareness Day in support of single people, is a terrible idea and not a good day for singles as well as people in relationships. It’s just as bad of an idea as Santa Claus, where there is a lot of disparity and unfairness with huge numbers of people being left out. When I was a kid, I thought that Santa Claus had it in for me and the same goes for the Easter bunny, tooth fairy and that cruel little Cupid character.

The capitalist idea of Valentine’s Day forces people in relationships to buy expensive gifts for each other and does not seem to celebrate what is important about those relationships, which has nothing to do with money. Singles are painfully aware of their aloneness and forced to compete in a popularity contest, and people who have a significant other and are as broke as I am can’t compete in the gift contest that there seems to be.

Diamonds are not a girl’s best friend. If you are that fixated on objects or feel like they are necessary to prove someone’s love for you you are deluded in my opinion. Either that or you are lacking values and morality. I’m not saying that gifts are bad or that you shouldn’t give them, but money isn’t the all important part of life. Maybe it makes some people’s lives easier, but like I have said before, I believe that life is about experience.

People need to learn how to be happy with themselves, before they are in a relationship. And need to learn that you don’t need a relationship with someone else to be happy. In the end, all a person really has is themselves, so you might as well get used to it and enjoy hanging out alone, and doing nice things for yourself.

Tomorrow is just another day, February 14. If you want to attach meaning to it, do something that has meaning rather then just buying stuff. Enjoy the day, and treat yourself and/or others with kindness and respect. Be happy with yourself and the world will seem to be a better place. It’s worth so much more than anything money can buy.


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