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Red Deer Reality Rant #39 - Resolution Rant

Hello and welcome back for another Red Deer Reality Rant! It’s January, but the weather has been balmy compared to other years. For some people, it’s shorts and t-shirt weather. However, I do know a couple of people who wear shorts year round. I am by no means anxious to wear shorts, at least not until I have hit the gym for awhile. Everyone seems to want to be at the gym in January, which brings me to my rant: New Years resolutions.

I do not believe in New Years resolutions. In my experience, they just set me up for failure. I do think it’s good to make goals, but I have noticed that in January New Years resolutions tend to be very unrealistic. Most people seem to base their resolutions around finances, with goals to save tons of money. But life is funny, and a person’s finances can change drastically in a year. Unexpected events happen, and they can be good or bad.

A more realistic goal would be to plan a budget. And only when you have excess, to save that money. Unless of course, you are reading this and you are filthy rich, in that case, skip to the next paragraph. Budgeting is a good idea, as long as it is realistic and fair to you. Thinking about things that you do in excess and planning on reducing those costs will help. I really enjoy my little luxuries, so it’s difficult for me, but I have done it out of necessity.

Another unrealistic goal that people make for New Years is to lose a lot of weight or be rigorous at the gym and gain a lot of muscle. I say that a person should strive to be healthy first, and then those things will happen. If you continue with unhealthy habits, no amount of exercise will help you reach a lofty goal. Instead, cut back on and replace unhealthy things with better choices.

On the subject of unhealthy habits, a lot of people make resolutions to quit smoking or other addictions. I know from experience that this is a well intended goal, and is even a necessary one. However, as I know in the case of smoking cigarettes, that no one can force you to quit. Not even yourself. You have to be ready, to do this you must educate yourself, weigh the pros and cons of quitting, and especially, go and get help. In this way you are more likely to succeed.

In summary, if you must make New Years resolutions, keep it simple and realistic. That way your chance of success and being able to tick them off as as achieved in 2024 is much higher. Also, you will be able to make better long term goals that you can do much more easily. Life is not easy, be kind to yourself and you will have a better chance at achieving your goals with less stress and a positive outcome. So, until next week, have a good one and stay tuned for another Red Deer Reality Rant!


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