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Red Deer Reality Rant #35 - Trashed Ambulance, a Rant and a Rave

Hello there fellow Red Deerians. I am finally back for another instalment of this blog, Red Deer Reality Rant. Reality is a funny thing, and after this past couple of weeks I am glad to be here, back at it, and writing for Brutal Reality Digest as well as creating artworks as I always have for other endeavours. Anyway, enough about me, today I would like to offer my slightly biased opinion on a legendary Red Deer band.

It is a bit biased for me to be posting this, because I am a fan, but also a friend to these punkers, known to the world as Trashed Ambulance. Fun fact: the vocalist once worked for BRD and left such enormous shoes to fill, it’s never happened and BRD hasn’t been in print ever since. All guilt tripping aside, Trashed Ambulance has been very busy creating rad punk and released their best album yet Future Considerations of which there is a review on this blog that you can check out here.

I can’t even begin to rant enough about how cool The Ambo, as us super fans call them, are.

They have recently won a coveted Punk Rock Mag “Good Shit” award, very well deserved and hopefully in a place of honour at their jam space. The Ambo is so rad, I have been to all of their live shows that I could get to, and they have never disappointed. Local to Red Deer, they have toured Canada but have had some awesome shows at The Vat and even the Golden Circle. They were at Bo’s for a stellar show with Good Riddance, there’s a blog on this site about that show you can check out here.

Trashed Ambulance has an upcoming vinyl album release party at The Vat, right here in Red Deer on December 16th. Tickets are still available on Eventbrite, and there will be some at the door. You just do not want to miss this show, Future Considerations will be available at the merch table on vinyl and CD formats along with their other cool merchandise. I am definitely going, and you can bet I will post a review of what promises to be their usual awesome show.

Well, Red Deerians, that’s all I have for today. I hope to see you at the Trashed Ambulance show but if not, stay brutal and I’m back next week with more ranting and likely raving about stuff that is important to Red Deer!


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