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Red Deer Reality Rant #33 - Stay Friendly

Hello fellow Red Deerians and everyone else who has stopped in to check out this edition of Red Deer Reality Rant. Temperatures are a bit warmer now these days, and city crews have been hard at work clearing roads from frigid snow dump we had over a week ago. With this unseasonably nice weather, my spirits are lifted more than they were last week. But weather is not the only cause.

I have said before that I strive to maintain notes of positivity in this blog. For sure most times it’s a rant, and some might say that is complaining. However, these rants are more of a critique, and often offer solutions to the issues discussed. Today’s post is hopefully another one of those cases. I was feeling down this past week and had intentions of writing today’s rant about the astounding sense of apathy that I felt the entire world has directed at all life in general, Red Deer, and myself personally.

As a person who already spends too much time thinking, this was detrimental to my mental health. I had an epiphany finally, and the brain fog cleared. It is true that the world can seem to be a very cold and uncaring place. There are so many problems both locally and globally. The weight of them is enormous when you want to take action against them, but just feel hopeless and helpless instead. This is how I came to believe that the entire world was apathetic, by the notion that everyone knew that there were problems, but no one cared.

The truth is, there is good in the world, and none of us are truly alone. A person just has to strive to stay positive, and seek out what is good. You can build a network of like minded friends, but you have to put yourself out there to do it. You will face a lot of negativity and rejection, it seems to be pretty standard in life, but magnanimous life does exist, here in Red Deer and the rest of the world.

I talked about gratitude in the Thanksgiving edition of Red Deer Reality Rant a few weeks ago. It was a list of things that I am grateful for in Red Deer, but I left out something very important. I will rectify that here: I am immensely grateful for the family and friends that I have in my life. You all know who you are, if you have me in your contacts please do say hello! If I am not in your contacts, please do direct message me on social media and mention Brutal Reality Digest to start a conversation.

I am on Instagram as @art_is_off_the_wall which is where I post images of my artwork and I’m on Facebook as Azreal Kritten but I don’t use it as much. Thanks again for checking out this blog, I will be back next week, stay friendly Red Deer!


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