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Red Deer Reality Rant #32 - Be Kind, A Plea for Change

Hello there fellow Red Deerians. ‘Tis the season for giant dumps of snow apparently, and I am not used to the temperatures yet due to the warm weather we had previously. I have said before in other blogs that I don’t mind winter, that I actually appreciate it. However this year so far I have been cold! My weather app this morning says -17 degrees and I feel like a bit of a wimp because I have dealt with far colder temperatures with much more ease in previous years.

But enough grumping about the weather. I really have nothing to complain about. I have a warm place to live, food in my cupboards and fridge, and family and friends in my life. I am always aware of people who don’t have as much, and many who are really struggling. The general population seems to have quite a bit of apathy when it comes to this problem. I think we can all do better living in our capitalist society at the top of the food chain.

There are organizations in Red Deer working to make things better for people who have less. There are churches along with refugee, low income, and homeless persons who help people on a daily basis. But more help is always needed, and the problems are not going away from the general apathy that a lot of people have towards these issues.

I do not want to guilt trip anyone, I do what I can and that is not much especially in the scope of the problem. All I can say today is that I wish people to be kind. If we all do one act of kindness, even if it’s not every day, possibly things could be better. It doesn’t even have to have monetary value because it inspires much more than that.

They say that kindness is infectious, so people who do have the means to give more would likely be a catalyst for helping people, but in truth everything helps. Do what you can, even if you think it’s not much. If everyone does, Red Deer, and the world will be better for it.


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