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Red Deer Reality Rant #30 - Red Deer Hallowe'en Events

Hello, and happy Monday! It’s just another day for some of us, but it’s off to work for most, myself included. I am lucky that I don’t have to start until noon on Mondays so I am always prepared to bring you another Red Deer Reality Rant. Today after work, I will be preparing for Halloween. It’s exactly one week away, but now for me, it’s less than that because the only thing that seems to be going on in Red Deer on Halloween Monday is just for tots!

Being a bit of a big tot myself, I do enjoy Halloween. I can see why they wouldn’t want Halloween events for adults on a Monday though. It is only a small disappointment however, because there are a few things going on this week and also on the weekend here in Red Deer. Now I have to decide which events I will attend, I’m thinking of picking a couple.

One event I’m definitely going to this Friday is the midnight madness special at the Zed Haunted House. After the doors close for the regular show at 10pm on Friday they are going to reopen from midnight to 2am for a 18+ scary experience. I know that I already mentioned this event in this blog last week, but I’m pretty stoked for this one and I have yet to be disappointed by a Zed Haunted House.

Also this Friday, Leah’s Bar and Grill is hosting a Halloween Drag Show. This promises to be very entertaining and I can’t imagine it not being so. It runs until 11 pm, so there would be plenty of time for me to get to the Haunted House’s midnight madness that night. Another event happening on Friday but also on Saturday is a Quentin Tarantino weekend musical tribute and party at The Vat. If you haven’t been to an event at The Vat, I highly recommend, it’s a great time, but don’t forget to bring cash!

On Saturday the 29th Bo’s Bar and Stage is presenting Thriller - a Beatcrown Halloween event. There will be a live DJ playing EDM and apparently top 40 hits. I had to Google search what Beatcrown is and after much frustration with Google not accepting the search words, I discovered that Beatcrown is a Central Alberta entertainment company. This whole idea is reminiscent of early 2000’s nightclub vibes here in Red Deer, so, quite possibly it may be a good time.

There are a few other things going on with the Halloween theme I’m sure, the ones above are just some that I am interested in. Do whatever floats your spooky boat this Halloween, maybe even go trick or treating (no matter what your age is) in a different neighbourhood or stay at home like a proper adult and hand out candy to tots. In any case, stay safe and stay brutal!


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