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Red Deer Reality Rant #27 - Fall In to It

Hello there, welcome back on this unseasonably warm fall day for another edition of Red Deer Reality Rant. It is warm, and Fall is my favourite season. Although I do prefer crisp mornings I will take this nice weather and enjoy it. My Rant today is posted a bit later today than usual so I do apologize to my avid readers. Today’s Rant, like my previous couple of them, is Autumn themed, but hopefully with some useful info for you!

Every season there’s extra work to be done around the house, and preparing for the weather as well as insuring some extra time to relax if you get it all done in time. I am off to a bit of a slow start but I’m well on my way to be ready for Alberta’s extra long and frigid yet beautiful Winter.

Most of my winter wear from last year is still perfect but I got some new stuff last Spring. As someone who has worked in retail I have to say that a person should never pay full price for clothes, everything goes on sale eventually and especially at the end of season.

So, my winter wear is in good order, but my closet is overflowing. Time to clean up! Thankfully Red Deer has some options to donate your winter wear and blankets to those who need it. If you want to help Ukrainian refugees you can give to St. Nicholas Ukrainian Orthodox Church. Salvation Army does good work and helps many different people and are truly a nonprofit organization with the lowest paid CEO of any charity, they always need donations. Also there’s Safe Harbour Society in Red Deer who help homeless and low income individuals and families. This is their website:

I have a bunch of like-new office and interview type clothing that I plan to donate to Red Deer’s Dress for Success program that helps women in Central Alberta. They have a new boutique over in Capstone and accept clean, like-new clothing appropriate for office wear or job interviews on Wednesdays. Check out their website: for more details and information.

It’s also good to declutter in the Fall, and that’s what I’m working on today. It’s good to remember that before you donate something think to yourself if it is still good enough that you yourself would use it or buy it in a thrift store. If it’s in such bad repair that you wouldn’t, then it belongs in the garbage. I threw out an old iPad protective case however, and then saw out the window someone fishing it out of the dumpster. Who knows why. If I throw something away, it is definitely garbage and unusable by anyone.

After I get my place dejunked I have a lot of work such as washing curtains, washing cupboards and closets, washing windows, and washing furniture, as well as laundering winter wear. Wash, wash, wash. It never ends, but maybe then I can settle in and relax, ready for anything.


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