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Red Deer Reality Rant #25 - A Rave Review: The Bo's Show

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

Hello, thanks for checking out this latest Red Deer Reality Rant. Today’s Rant is actually a rave. It’s a rave review in fact, of a great time at a fine local establishment known as Bo’s Bar and Grill. If you haven’t already heard, legendary punkers Good Riddance were set to play in Red Deer at none other than the fine establishment fore mentioned, Bo’s. I had the great fortune to attend this show on Sunday night and my review is as follows:

This show had Good Riddance as the headliners, but also had a great line up consisting of two Canadian bands as well as an American one before Good Riddance took the stage. First on the roster was Trashed Ambulance, a local band whose latest album Future Considerations I have reviewed in a separate article on this blog. If you are inclined to check that out I highly recommend because Trashed Ambulance is primed to be going places.

Pictured: Trashed Ambulance

Being the opening act, the Ambo were in true form to show Red Deerians their brand of punk, playing some stuff from their new album as well as classics like Doofus from the 2017 album A Dime for Every Time. Guitar riffs were heavy and Riley kept the beat at stellar speed. Josh’s vocals and Ozone’s energy were as per usual, great. The merch table was well stocked with rad t-shirts, stickers, CD’s and hoodies although they are still waiting on the vinyl for Future Considerations but it is available for pre-order.

Next up was Brutal Youth, a band hailing from Toronto. To me they were reminiscent of 80’s punk, classic, but with a bit of metal sound. I believe that the vocalist’s stage name is Patty O’Lantern, he had on some nifty 80’s style athletic shorts that only a true punker could pull off a performance wearing. He had great interaction with the crowd and spent most of their set off stage in the mosh pit while delivering his rebel yells. We got their album Stay Honest at the merch table.

Pictured left to right: Brutal Youth, their album Stay Honest, Ignite, their single on vinyl

After a short break, the band Ignite took the stage. With a rad attitude the vocalist blared out some awesome sound. This band has high energy and a quality old school kind of sound. They are from California, like Good Riddance and had 5 members on stage. All in all put on a great show, and as the crowd was getting amped up for the headliner, Ignite delivered.

Now for Good Riddance. Formed in 1986 but most active in the mid 90’s Good Riddance are punk veterans. The show did not disappoint and everyone in the crowd was up at the stage to enjoy the show, except for a few random VLT players and other wallflowers. Being a bit of a wallflower myself I stood off to the side, but still on the floor near to the stage and enjoyed the performance. The mosh pit was decent and the crowd was having a grand time while Good Riddance played with breakneck speed their brand of awesomeness. Thanks to Bo’s Bar and Grill for hosting this super rad show, I will be at the next one, especially if it’s as stellar of a lineup!

Pictured: Mosh pit, Random sign at Bo's, Good Riddance


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