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Red Deer Reality Rant #22 - Joe Cool

Hello and happy Monday! Back to work today for most of us, Monday morning is usually a bit groggy for me, as are most mornings. I’m more of an evening person. That being said, mornings aren’t that bad as long as you have a good old cup of joe. Of course, I’m not talking about Jo(e) Social Media, I am going to discuss coffee and all of its greatness. Although Jo(e) are worth checking out on all of the social media platforms if you have an interest in that sort of thing. The Jo(e)s are awesome at helping people with all their social media needs.

A lot of mornings I tend to browse Instagram and enjoy a cup or three of coffee. I need at least three if I’m going to look at Facebook, so I usually only have two cups and then skip that noise. Anyway, two cups seems to get my day off right, and then when 4pm is dragging me down I may have another cup. I guess you could say I’m a coffee addict, but I’m also a connoisseur so I will take this opportunity to rant and rave about the awesomeness of the beverage.

If you don’t drink coffee, I don’t really understand. I do know some people can’t tolerate caffeine. There is decaf for that, but I do understand if you don’t want to drink decaf coffee. That stuff just sits in your belly and does nothing else. Quite pointless. But the real good stuff, a nice, powerful, and black as night cup of rich coffee does me a world of wonders. I drink my coffee without cream or sugar, and the stronger the better. A good way to ruin coffee is to put skim milk in it and/or aspartame nightmares like Sweet & Low. I get it if you are on a diet, or have diabetes but really, it tastes much better without those things.

Red Deer has literally thousands of places to get coffee. Restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores and gas stations, fast food joints, and of course, coffee shops. All of these places vary in price and quality. Newcomers to the city and people who are used to drinking sludge from some places I won’t mention would benefit from a list of fine coffee to be had in the city of Red Deer. So here is my gift to you, top ten list of places to get this great beverage, in the city of Red Deer:

  1. Kicking Horse brand coffee. Available at most grocery stores!

  2. Picnic Cafe. Located downtown next to the Royal Bank.

  3. Cafe Vero. Simply delicious, with treats besides!

  4. Tim Horton’s (of course)

  5. McDonald’s (also of course)

  6. Co-op deli department.

  7. Cafe Millennium. In the Millennium Centre, also home of the Donald School of Business

  8. Students Association kiosk at RDP. Great flavoured coffee.

  9. City Roast. Get the fresh beans!

  10. Bulk Barn. Get the beans! Especially German chocolate flavour

Honourable mention: Starbucks. Their espresso drinks are alright.

There are also many other great places to get coffee, but these are my favourites and go-to’s when I am tired of drinking the Nescafé Rich instant coffee that I use in large quantities at home. It’s good coffee, but it’s cheap. The other things on the list above are superior, but not expedient for me in large quantities. There you have it, Red Deerians, Red Deer’s finest coffee in list form. Until next time, stay brutal!


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