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Red Deer Reality Rant #21 - Back to Cool

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Hello! It’s good to be back for another Red Deer Reality Rant, thanks for joining me! We’re halfway through August and September vibes are in the air. This time of year is one of the few circumstances where I feel a little envious. Jealousy is a poor quality in a person so I wouldn’t use that word to describe my feelings but I do have a kind of wistful sadness as September approaches. It’s back to school season and I wish that I could also go back to the good times to be had studying at university or college.

My junior high and high school years were horrific however, and I would not wish that nightmare on myself again but I did enjoy my time at Red Deer Polytechnic formerly known as Red Deer College as it was when I graduated. I highly recommend to anyone who is graduating post secondary school to continue their education, or even for persons like myself to attend as a mature student.

The difference between my college days and the time I spent in high school is like night and day. I was always good at my studies in both circumstances, although in high school I got into enough trouble to set me back a bit. Thankfully those days are the end of an era in my past and now being more mature, I can thrive in an academic environment. Red Deer College brings back happy memories for me and I would more than love to attend again.

My classmates and I were very lucky to have our graduation in 2019 before the Covid-Plague struck and I am still in touch with a few of them to this day. Today’s Rants would not be possible without my experience being in the Media Studies and Professional Communication program formerly offered at RDC. I have nothing but good things to say about my experiences there, so now this Rant has become a rave!

There are still Communications classes offered at Red Deer Polytechnic and a university transfer program, but they would do well to bring back Media Studies. The instructors were and, are, awesome to say the least. I would be thrilled to take another class led by Dr. Carlen Lavigne, Cindy Brooks, Dr. Kathy Pallister, or Dr. Trish Campbell. I would have liked to continue my education at Royal Roads University, but that’s not in the cards for me.

A real dream of mine would be to excel and achieve in a Visual Arts diploma but, that’s not feasible at this point in time. All I can really say about life, is that it is about experience and experiences and I have had plenty of good ones. I look forward to more development of knowledge and learning. It’s possible in future I will go back to school again, and if so I would gladly go to RDP. Kudos to them, and cheers to their future, I’m grateful and glad to be an alumni!


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