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Red Deer Reality Rant #20 - Just Don't Do It

Hello and happy Monday, again, as I’m back for another instalment of Red Deer Reality Rant! I’m tired, typical Monday vibes, but I do have enough energy to rant today. It’s a subject that is really the bane of my existence, a vice that has caused me much grief and a huge strain on my wallet. Cigarettes, and nicotine in general. Quitting smoking was the best thing and the hardest thing I have ever done, but it seems to be a never ending battle.

I tried vaping, for more than 3 years now and it is a huge difference in price. People have told me that vaping is not better than cigarettes and some (smokers) have told me that it’s worse. Regardless, I really don’t care, I have to quit vaping as well and thanks to taxes vaping is a tenth of the price that cigarettes were costing me. But don’t worry, the government is working on that and it probably won’t be long and nicotine e-juice will cost as much as smoking.

Vaping is so bad, it’s attractive to kids. But aren’t all of these legal addictions? Alcohol, lottery, cannabis, it’s just that nicotine is the most useless and very expensive. If you aren’t addicted to nicotine it’s tough to understand. Most of us tell ourselves that we like it, and that we should have the same rights as non smokers or non vapers. Been there, done that.

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City of Red Deer has some bylaws against vaping and smoking in public. I already feel like a loser when I am smoking or vaping and having security chase me off of property hasn’t helped me quit, it’s just annoying. I have noticed that most of the homeless people in Red Deer seem to have managed to quit smoking. My building used to have a problem with people coming along and picking cigarette butts and making a mess. And when I broke down in my suffering and bought a pack myself, no homeless person has asked me for one.

Kudos to them! It’s a ridiculous addiction and I would do well to be 100% free from it. I was free of it for more than 6 months but this love/hate relationship has lasted for years. What ever you do, don’t start vaping or smoking, it’s not worth it, it’s just an addiction feeding itself. That’s all for today, I’ve said my piece. Stay brutal, and stay tuned for another Rant next Monday.


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