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Red Deer Reality Rant #2

Hello, thanks for stopping in here to check out this second instalment of Red Deer Reality Rant where I talk about issues important to Red Deer, Alberta and possibly the rest of the world, but not the known universe, at least not for today. Here it goes:

Yesterday, in the early afternoon I decided to take part in a popular Sunday activity here in Red Deer that I believe is common to most parts of the world. I’m talking about brunch, a meal that is partaken at a time that is too late for breakfast, but usually contains breakfast and lunch items.

We seem to have a lot of options here for restaurants and many places that cater to the breakfast and brunch crowds. There’s Albert’s Family Restaurant, Phil’s, Denny’s, Smitty’s, Cora’s and if you are looking for something with a less than standard name, there’s Hash. These are only a few places, there’s plenty more here in Red Deer, but I don’t have the time to write out the entire directory.

The above mentioned places are all super busy on Sunday, and some of them are only open until afternoon so if you don’t like crowds you can always go for some cheap fast food at one of the plethoras of franchises all over Red Deer. I was feeling like something different, and possibly healthier, so I went to Hash. The place was packed but the staff were nice and the food is next level gourmet so I couldn’t really complain.

However, what I do want to complain about is the fact that Red Deer, despite having a lot of restaurants that do brunch, don’t have a lot that do brinner. What is “brinner”? you may be asking, well it’s brunch and dinner, sometimes served late at night or in the wee hours of the morning. I can only think of one that does, a 24 hour diner that asked me to leave a 5 star review for the worst fish dinner I’ve ever had.

Another thing that Red Deer lacks is the ability to keep up with the Jones’s and offer dinner as well as brinner for some of us who are vegan, vegetarian, or pescatarian, because those options are few and far between. Red Deer has a ridiculous amount of dining options for the size of the city and most of the good ones are super busy so you would think there would be more that offer alternative diets. On the pescatarian note, I believe that a Red Lobster would do very well in this city, but alas, we still don’t have one. As for vegan, I can only think of one place, and it serves mostly salad.

As Red Deer continues to grow in population and that the population is becoming more diverse, I would like to see more unique and diverse dining options available in this area. I know there are a few, but I believe there’s room for more.


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