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Red Deer Reality Rant #19 - Open for Business

Hello! Thanks for stopping in and checking out this edition of Red Deer Reality Rant. This blog, although it is a rant based largely on my opinion, strives to retain some positivity. I am keeping that in mind with today’s subject: Parkland Mall. This mall is well known to locals, being one of only 2 indoor malls in the city of Red Deer. Constructed in 1970, it’s been through a lot over the past 50 years and times seem to have changed drastically over the last ten years.

If you haven’t been there for awhile, I suggest that you go, because it does have it’s gems, although fewer big names. If you like to support local small business this is a good indoor space with some unique shops. Of course, there’s also Walmart, Staples, Winners, Skechers Outlet, and Ardenes along with Good life Fitness and Fit 4 Less, but sadly, these stores don’t seem to be attracting as much business as elsewhere in Red Deer.

Some cool local businesses at Parkland mall include: The Perky Peddler Market, TGT The Golden Touch Goldsmiths, Suzanne’s, Stardust and Stuff, and Sugar Panda. Perky Peddler sells stuff made by local artisans and some unique gift items and Stardust and Stuff sells some interesting items that are local as well. TGT Goldsmiths is local as well and has some neat designs as well as repair services. Sugar Panda has awesome bubble teas and some Japanese fare including some great Ramen soups. Suzanne’s is a women’s clothing shop with items that take into account hard to fit and specialty clothing that seems to look great on everyone.


There’s some cool other shops as well, some that have been in business a long time and have loyal customers. We Sew Right is the tailor shop that’s been there for years and does affordable and quality work. I had the pockets replaced in a fall jacket there and they did such a great job I think those pockets are going to outlast the jacket! Divine Nails has a loyal clientele as well as Sheffield and Sons, a place for, ahem, legal vices! So, what’s the deal with the lack of customers flocking to this indoor shopping experience?

Parkland Mall has a lot of empty retail space, and I don’t know why, there’s been some great stores there past and present. The mall is nicely air conditioned and is a bright, open space. Some big name stores are there as well even though a few have come and gone. There’s lots of prime locations available for lease, where successful names like The Body Shop, Claire’s, and Coles Bookstore used to be. You would think that retail giants like Walmart, Staples, Winners and Skechers would bring in the business but Parkland Mall definitely needs more foot traffic.


Brutal Reality Digest is a firm supporter and promoter of local businesses, artists, and musicians. I can’t stress enough how important it is to shop and buy local. A working artist myself, supporting local creates jobs and is good for our economy and tourism. Giants like Amazon and online retailers has put a damper on in store shopping. So much can be done now sitting at home, everything can be brought to your door, food, drinks, clothing, furniture, everything you can imagine or would ever need.

But there’s only one month of summer left! It’s time to get out of the house for some shopping and entertainment! If you don’t support local business and entertainment we might just lose it in future and sit in our homes scrolling through endless pages on Amazon while waiting for Skip the Dishes to bring us our fast food. Maybe that doesn’t sound bad to you, but really, we’re becoming an isolated society. Although I am an introvert myself, I can see the benefits of getting out of my house. What say you, Red Deer? Isn’t it time we supported our local economy? Shop local to help Red Deerian businesses stay in business, and continue to offer us their services and talents.



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