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Quick Words with a Red Deer actor: Theo

1. Introduce yourself, your favourite band, and your favourite animal.

Hey there, my name is Theo Grandjambe. I enjoy various music such as Alternative, 80's love ballads and electronic dance music. My favorite animals are falcons and turtles.

2. What is your favourite part about the city/place where you live?

My absolute favorite thing about Red Deer is the numerous trails and nature all around.

3. What's the worst part about the city/place where you live?

The worst part would have to be the crime rate.

4. What's your favourite movie one-liner?

"That'll do Donkey, that'll do" - Shrek

5. What was the most enjoyable acting role you've had so far?

Playing Raul Montalban in the murder mystery As Long As We Both Shall Live.

6. What is the funniest, or most horrific, moment you've had on-stage?

A fight scene had started and one person was missing, it went well for the first bit, until someone got hit in the face with a sword.*

7. You have to adapt a movie into a ten-minute play; what movie do you choose?

The Nightmare before Christmas.

8. What was your first acting role?

My high school was putting on The Outsiders; originally I was tech but an actor could no longer be in the show so I asked if I could do it, I was Two-bit.

9. What's your secret weapon for staying sane in 2020?

My job, I'm a mailman so I get daily exercise and fresh air.

10. If you could choose any costar, living or dead, to do a touring show with, who would it be?

Robin Williams, RIP. 

*This writer was standing about twenty feet away when the stray sword hit the stray actor's face, and it was indeed horrifying. Luckily, the actor made a full recovery. If you attended a certain RDC show in December of 2016, you may have witnessed this live.

As Long As We Both Shall Live is a play by Sean Grennan

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