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Punk Show Review at Craft Beer Commonwealth

Two BRD members had the opportunity to attend the all ages punk show last night at Craft Beer Commonwealth located in the Farmer’s Market building in Gasoline Alley. We arrived just in time for the first set by Short Straps - a Calgary punk band bringing the dadcore to Red Deer. That’s right, this was an all ages show so there were young punkers in attendance along with punk parents and the rest of us just rocking out. Short Straps brought it with a short set featuring tunes from their self titled EP on the High End Denim Records label. The mosh pit was full of young dudes and dudettes right from the get go while Short Straps played setting the tone for the night.

Next up was local punkers Rotted Youth. Comprised of four youth with three on guitar and vocalist on drums these guys really have their shit together as a band. They switched it up towards the end of the set with the drummer/vocalist switching to guitar and one guitarist going on drums. Talented musicians they are, bringing their heavy riffs along with some Metallica covers and a cover of a cover of So What that was really impressive. These punkers are going places and had an album at the merch table along with other goodies from all three bands.

From left to right: Short Straps, Trashed Ambulance

Headliners Trashed Ambulance played an awesome set with their usual gusto. The trio started off with their classic Doofus and played a few from their album Future Considerations along with some covers of legendary punk tracks. The crowd was appreciative and there were punks rocking out by the stage and a group of girls with high energy dancing to the entire set. The Ambo are seasoned performers and played a large set with encore from the encouragement of the crowd. A lot of the tiny punkers had left for bedtime at this point, but the rest of us got the usual great show and finished out the night with plenty of beers.

Craft Beer Commonwealth served beer on tap as well as cans and spirits that were all great quality. There was food available for the first couple of hours from two vendors so there were plenty of snacks. We had an amber ale from Craft Beer Commonwealth that was very tasty and smooth. We hope that there will be more shows at this venue, was a good time for all and nice for the parents to not have to leave the kids at home. It’s also great that Trashed Ambulance invited Rotted Youth to play, we should keep an eye on these rad dudes. That’s it for today! If you missed the show we hope you enjoyed this recap and will be at the next one. Stay brutal!


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