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Punk Rocks

Music plays a significant role in my life. I enjoy listening to music from a variety of genres, including but not limited to (and in no order of preference), hip hop, punk, country, classical, pop, rock, even small doses of reggae. I seem to go through phases whereupon I binge on one genre as I write, surf the interwebs, and play World of Warcraft. In the last week or so, I have gotten back into punk, due in no small part to local bands Trashed Ambulance and Chuck Spadina, the latter band's name being an obscure reference to one Keanu Reeves if Google is to be trusted. Because the internet.

This brings us to today's post, which is based on a playlist of punk music I highly regard. Some of you will notice this mixtape contains several pop punk covers, which are guilty pleasures. However, there is also a wide selection of original tunes from notable Canadian and Albertan punk bands. It is my hope that this collection of songs provides a soundtrack of sorts to your next few days. A note to the dentists out there; play these songs on high volume as you go about extracting teeth.


Joshua Wiebe

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