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P-Vock's Music Box: You're Outta Your Vector!

Hello and welcome back to P-Vock's Music Box, where I drop a jammin' tune from my expansive music box like a large deuce, all to help prep you for the weekend. Can I just gush for a second? I'm going to gush for a second.

I. Am. Happy. I am so damn happy I cannot properly convey it. At the time of writing this, next week offers something I genuinely believed would never happen. After 13 years we are now just days away from a sequel to one of my all-time favourite games, The World Ends With You. This game. This. Damn. Game. It's stylish, it's charming, it's unique, it's in your face, it's a perfect blend of all over the place and completely cohesive. I love it way too much.

So with Neo: The World Ends With You ready to go, let's cover one of its most beloved and discussed aspects, the absolutely stellar soundtrack.

There are not many games that I would have a tougher time choosing a tune to play for you all, so I decided that I had to double-dip. I'll drop a hype boss theme and an amazing field theme because I love you all oh so much and I wanna treat you to a wonderful eargasm. Besides, this game has so much variety in its stellar OST that it would be a disservice to only drop one Beat.

This battle theme, titled Transformation, is often considered the character theme for one of the most beloved characters in the game who may have been the source for the title of this blog entry (you also may want to consider reading the upcoming zine for a little more on them 😉). I think this is a tune that many of our more punk viewers can actually dig. So have a listen, this gem is beloved for a reason.

This is the tune that made me understand why people headbang.

Speaking of headbanging, how about some tonal whiplash? Let's shift gears and experience some Deja Vu. This is my favourite track from the TWEWY soundtrack. I love its blend of calming mysticism portrayed through the lyrics and the consistent beat that offers this quality of adventurous repetition. (Yeah, I have no idea what I'm talking about, but that sounded more artistic than saying "This shit is good, yo"). Have a listen:

It just makes me happy whenever I play TWEWY and this bop comes on. Hopefully, I'm not busy next week with Neo to write my next blog entry because I really cannot properly express just how excited I am for this game. I hope your weekend is as rad as I believe this game to be, and I'll see you cool cats and punk pups next week with another bumping suggestion from P-Vock's Music Box.

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