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P-Vock's Music Box: Yeehaw, Zombies

Hello and welcome back to P-Vock's Music Box. The weekly blog in which I drop some amazing tunes every Friday to help get you set for the weekend. Alright, enough kiddy crap, Partner, let's talk about some spooky shit. No, I'm not talking about a horror game because I am still too much a scaredy-cat. Instead, let's talk about one of the most bizarre, wacky, out-of-place, and downright amazing pieces of DLC ever released.

In 2010 (Damn, how has it been that long already?), Red Dead Redemption was released to the world. Hoo boy, that still stands as one of the greatest experiences this stupid medium has to offer. An intense, somber, gripping, and insanely fun cowboy adventure that provided an experience I still think about to this day and an unbelievably sad ending. The sequel on the other hand . . . Well, I'm glad other people really like it. However, Rockstar had something weird cooking for us after Red Dead launched.

Not long after the base game launched, we were treated to Undead Nightmare, which brought us the absolutely insane concept of Cowboy Zombies. Cowboy. Zombies. A Wild West adventure that lets you shoot zombies in the face is such a wonderful idea, and I need more of it right freaking now! Not only did this have a great little campy campaign that felt like a cheesy zombie movie you'd watch with your pals on a Friday night in October, but it was also full of some pretty great Halloween-themed tunes for us to enjoy. Have a listen:

When I said "cowboy zombies", what kind of music did you picture? Because for me, this is exactly the kind of music I would expect to be greeted with upon hearing that insane phrase. It feels sinister and ominous enough to fit in the confines of a zombie-filled setting while having the instrumentation of a classic Wild West action movie. This would work perfectly in a Clint Eastwood zombie movie and now I really want that to be a thing. "A Fistful of Zombies" would be a wonderful movie, so someone make that now, please. Oh yeah, this is a musical column, so here's another excellent piece of music.

Over a decade later, I'm still just in awe that this insane concept was a real thing that Rockstar actually made. The music fits so perfectly with the setting and sells me on the concept so much so that I just want to go pick up a Rockstar game and shoot zombies in the face. Hey Rockstar, hurry up and give me a zombie spinoff for Grand Theft Auto V, you absolute cowards!

I hope your weekend is as excellent as these tunes. May your nights be filled with Spooks and Shrieks, and your days with Ghosts and Goblins (Not the game though, that game kind of sucks). I will see you right back here next Friday with another haunting edition of P-Vock's Music Box. Stay thirsty, for blood, my friends.

I'm sorry for that, I really don't know what cool people say on Halloween.

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