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P-Vock's Music Box: Wonderful

Hello and welcome back to P-Vock's Music. I've talked about a lot of very serious games lately.

Big stories with epic stakes and moments that make any manchild like myself weep like a baby.

So I say let's change it up and just have some fun.

Let's talk about something you've probably never heard of that is simply Wonderful!

What if 100 superheroes teamed up to stop an alien invasion?

That's the premise of the Wii U's hidden gem classic, The Wonderful 101.

When the evil Gethjerk (top-tier name) attack, ordinary teacher Will Wedgewood dons his red attire and sick black mask to become Wonder-Red. After his Clark Kent-esque transformation, Wonder-Red and the other colourfully named Wonder soldiers throw masks on random citizens and that gives them superpowers as they form the Wonderful 100 (said like "One Double Oh"). "But wait? Isn't the game Called The Wonderful 101? Where's the other 1 come from?" I hear you ask. Why, it's you, the player.

. . .

The game is incredible and so is the music.

The game is simple fun about superheroes, and the title screen absolutely delivers. The percussion calls back to scenes of gearing up and long speeches of motivation from sports and army films. The melody is triumphant and full of zeal.

It's not something I consider overly catchy, but it absolutely gives you enough to know the exact type of experience you're in for.

But what exactly do you get with said experience?

Oh yeah. If this doesn't scream "punching aliens in the face!", then I don't know what does!

That same drumline as heard in the main theme with the combination of a much higher tempo and a bombastic melody to accompany it creates a track that is familiar and tonally consistent, while still being absolutely pristine for the outrageous experience you're having as you summon giant fist, swords, and guns to destroy the Gethjerk menace!

Every stage is a high-octane slugfest, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

The Wonderful 101 is a game that continually raises the stakes with absolutely ridiculous and over-the-top scenarios, and that is never more on display than during the end-of-stage boss fights...

A giant alien is hanging onto a building ala King-Kong. He has caused millions of dollars in property damage. He can only be stopped by this Wonderful crew and the power of...

*Checks Notes Tickling.

Tickling his armpit...

I don't think I can say anything to add that. It is a perfect moment in video game form.

The Wonderful 101 is an underappreciated masterpiece with immaculate writing, unforgettable moments, and the perfect blend of humour and action that you can't help but smile when you play it.

It is a video game that wants nothing more than to be a cheesy action popcorn movie in video game form, and I don't believe it could ever achieve that role better.

Not bad for the same team that created the sexy and stylish Bayonetta games, hilarious Viewtiful Joe titles, and the absolute MASTERPIECE that is Okami.

How ever you're spending it, I hope this outrageous slice of nonsense gets you excited for this upcoming long weekend. Thank you ever so much as always for checking out my content. I hope to catch you back here next time with another suggestion from my music box.

Stay Brutal!

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