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P-Vock's Music Box: Truly Super

Hello and welcome back to P-Vock's Music Box.

This year has been full of announcements I never would have expected, and we got one such announcement last month.

After almost 3 decades, the iconic Super Mario RPG is BACK!

Super Mario RPG is an RPG full of endless charm, memorable characters, hilarious moments, and GOD-TIER music from my favourite composer of all time, Yoko Shimomura.

So let's celebrate this joyous announcement by checking out the amazing music from this amazing game.

I heard this track countless times before playing the game, and I never guessed it was a battle theme. It's just so jovial and optimistic. It's playful and whimsical. It didn't hit the usual mold of an RPG battle at all.

After I played the game, it sounded like it fit more and more with each listen. This isn't your typical RPG, it's a Mario RPG. It's bouncy, energetic, and unforgettable, which is actually perfect for a game starring this weird little plumber teaming up with a sentient doll and cloud to save the world from an evil giant sword.

So clearly Shimomura can compose an upbeat battle theme. The question that still remains is: can she also compose an intense one?

Why is this one of the best final boss fight themes ever composed? How is it both fitting for the game's tone while also ratcheting up the heat (that's a brilliant pun when you realize you're fighting a blacksmith in a lava-filled room)?

That bass line is just filled with drive and determination, the melodies are catchy and unforgettable, and that slight change to a higher key changes the theme from a sense of "How can we do this?" to one of sheer patented "Let's a-go" energy!

A wonderful finale to a game that stands out in my head, but one that I think is still outclassed by another theme from this wonderful game.


For a slightly ominous forest (well, as ominous as one can get in the Mario universe) Beware the Forest's Mushrooms manages to be foreboding and adventurous all at once.

This dark and moody baseline manages to poke through at sporadic intervals as if emulating a set of eyes watching you from the shadows, while this insanely catchy melody grabs you and pulls you along and gives the exact happy-go-lucky vibes one may associate with our beloved portly plumber.

This is the standout track from the OST and for good reason.

It has accompanied many long walks, car rides, and even a painful conversation in which a woman rejected me brutally (yes really). My heart may have felt like it was bleeding, but my ears sure didn't!

I truly never believed that Super Mario RPG would ever come back in any capacity, much less a remake that is going to keep the same iconic and unique style while modernizing everything. Between this, Xenoblade Chronicles, the Final Fantasy rereleases, Zelda Skyward Sword, and so much more, the Nintendo Switch has become quite a little home for regurgitation and that just makes me happy.

If you have the means to, I am begging you to PLEASE give Super Mario RPG a chance.

Unlike any woman that's ever been with me, you won't be left disappointed!

Thank you so much as always for checking out my content, and I hope to catch you next here with another suggestion from my Music Box.

Stay Brutal!

PS. In case you wanted to take a look at how incredible this remake looks (the Mario at 1:54 looks like he's asking for uppies and that gives me life):

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