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P-Vock's Music Box: This Knight is Hollow

Hello and welcome back to P-Vock's Music Box, the weekly blog where I drop some tunes to get you set for the weekend. You know, we've had a lot of love for indie games lately. So let's keep that going! I don't actively seek out indie games, I don't really care if it is indie or triple-A so long as I enjoy the game in question, but some indie games just hit different. so, let's deep into the adorable bug-filled chasms of one of the most beloved indie titles.

2017's Hollow Knight was an instant hit and has been dazzling players ever since launch with its wonderful mix of challenging and rewarding gameplay, memorable character designs, drop-dead gorgeous art style, and of course, sublime music. The music in this game, courtesy of one Christopher Larkin, delivers some incredible beats that are an auditory treat perfectly accompanying the game's mix of threatening, adventurous, lonely, and unfamiliar locations. It's not all terrifying though, as not too far into the game you reach a much more welcoming place.

When you reach the Greenpath location, it is unlike anything else you've seen prior. What were once sinister and dank caverns becomes a lush area filled with greens and blues and a significantly more joyful tone. This much warmer atmosphere is perfectly captured by the bouncy, whimsical, and curious melody to accompany you as you explore Greenpath. It just feels good to explore Greenpath.

Alright now let's get a little more emotional.

If the name didn't clue you in, the City of Tears is a much less joyful place in the world of Hollow Knight. City of Tears is dark, rainy, and cold, much like the music that plays within. But it's not all doom gloom here in the world of Hollow Knight. Sure, City of Tears is a much less welcoming place at first glance than something like Greenpath, but the music still has just enough curious hope within to help you warm up to the location rather quickly. It may not be the outright happiest tune in the game, but City of Tears is absolutely my favourite track from the Hollow Knight OST and is something I've looped for years ever since I encountered it. Much like when I first entered Kingdom Hearts' Traverse Town, I was in love with this tune and the place from which it hails immediately.

The weather is getting cold, and the holidays are rapidly approaching. I mention this because this is often a stressful time for many. We can grow overwhelmed, anxious, and maybe even feel a little hollow during the season.

The soundtrack to Hollow Knight has so many melodies that feel somber, while still delivering a mood that feels more hopeful. It always helps me stay calm and motivated whenever I'm getting stressed and overwhelmed (which really helps when the whole family is getting together and you're the big failure of the bunch👍). I hope your weekend is as excellent as these two tracks, and I'll catch you next week with another suggestion from my Music Box. Stay brutal!

P.S. Here's one phenomenal battle track to really perk you up if all that junk got a little too mushy and shit at the end there.

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