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P-Vock's Music Box: They're Baaaaack

Hello and welcome to P-Vock's Music Box. All I can say this week is, they're baaaaaaaack. You may remember a long long time ago a wrote a big-ass blog post about the Yakuza series. I also included the most recent entry, Yakuza: Like a Dragon, at the very top of my favourite games of 2020 blog post. Now, it's time I welcome the series to P-Vock's Music Box.

The Yakuza series is praised for many things. Fantastic gameplay, wonderful crime drama stories, amazing characters, but NONE compare to the true shining gem of the series, the minigames! Every location in the Yakuza series is filled to bursting with things to do. You can spend hours trying to get a damn toy out of the crane game because that damn axolotl is amazing (it happened to a friend and not me, I am a crane game god). Maybe you'll go bowling. If those don't suit your fancy, pretend you're an American and stuff your virtual face at any local restaurant. However, there is one minigame that shines above the rest . . . Karaoke!

Oh yes, you can vibe out with the best and sing your heart out. It helps that literally every Yakuza karaoke tune is a certified bop. It makes my job a little tough here, which ones do I pick? The fantastic Machine Gun Kiss? The metal as hell Hell Stew? Or my personal favourite, Tonight? Nah, let's choose the two most iconic tunes, and begin with the one dropped by the Mad-Dog himself, Goro Majima!

I could offer my thoughts, but I think that speaks for itself. But seriously, that outfit is straight balling and I would one hundred percent wear that myself. But we can't have just one track today, so let's bring what is considered THE Yakuza karaoke track. The legend that has spawned so many memes, and made me shed a tear or two. Get ready for the iconic and somber source of the classic "Dame Da Ne moment"

Those goosebumps will go away in about twenty minutes. Baka Mitai is so damn good, it has been used in almost every Yakuza game. That includes Yakuza: Like a Dragon, the one that got a full English dub. So, I'mma give y'all a lil treat and drop one more track. Bask in the glory that is Baka Mitai in English!

"I'm such a mess!" is a line that hits me like a gigantic mood every time. I will also take this time to remind you that the Yakuza series is a very serious crime drama.

Whatever you're getting up to, I hope your weekend has no Dame Da Ne moments and gets you feeling more like Majima singing 24-Hour Cinderella. Thanks for tuning in, and I'll see you next week with another suggestion from P-Vock's Music Box. Stay Brutal.

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