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P-Vock's Music Box: SPEED

Hello and welcome back to P-Vock's Music Box. Recently, we were given a release date for Sonic Origins, a compilation of classic Sonic titles. HOORAY, I needed another reason to buy Sonic 2 for the billionth time. So to celebrate SEGA's regurgitation, let's revisit a series I've talked about through BRD far too many times. Let's head back to the world of Sonic. Oh yeah, I guess there was also that movie that came out recently, I should go watch it...

Sonic has become so much of a meme and perpetual joke, that it's easy to forget how big of a deal his games were in the '90s and early '00s. Everyone played a Sonic game, and everyone heard the music. No matter what anyone says about the games, characters, or the interesting fans, no one ever shits on the music from this stupid series, and for good reason. So let's kick off with my personal favourite tune from this dumb franchise. One that I know most people have heard.

Iconic. I would argue that the music for Chemical Plant Zone, and the level itself, is one of the most iconic and recognizable sounds. If it's not Green Hill Zone or Escape from the City, this is probably one of the first things people think about when someone mentions Sonic (or maybe they think of the legions of disturbing fan art because our creator doesn't want us to be happy). It just feels so perfect for the game, it has such a continuous drive that fits perfectly with blazing through the colourful wonderland of capitalist nightmares that is Chemical Plant Zone. Nothing could ever ruin this kind of music. UNTIL YOU FALL.

I had to include this garbage because it is just as memorable as the level music. Chemical Plant Zone is the first place many kids experienced true trauma as they fell into some pool of pink sludge and began drowning with this nightmare fuel blaring into their ears. Ah, the memories.

Okay enough doom and gloom, I have an actual banger to close this out. 2017's delightful throwback game by the name of Sonic Mania, which is basically a perfect video game, delivered some wonderful throwbacks and delicious new levels with tons of fanservice that made all of us hopeless idiots that call ourselves Sonic fans absolutely go apeshit. However, nothing shines as much to me as the stage Press Garden. A newspaper printing facility that became the snow world by the second act has no business making up such a bangin' level, but hoo boy does it ever make a bangin' level.

Just look at how gorgeous this is. Pure chef's kiss!

So, the level slaps, but how does the music sound?

I have nothing to say except "You're welcome if you've never heard this." This is just perfection. This is the kind of music that makes the unending turmoil of being a Sonic fan almost worth it. It makes all the nonsensical stories about global terrorism, the world being torn apart, time travel bullshit, rodents transforming into monsters, and bestiality worth it (yes, all of these things officially happened in the series).

Alright, I'm too tired to keep writing. Jokes aside, I do love this stupid rodent and many of his games and am always extremely happy to talk about it for a bit. I hope your weekend is stellar like this music and not extremely cursed like this damn series. I'll see you right back here next time with another suggestion from my Music Box. Stay Brutal!

PS, sure, have another version of Chemical Plant Zone if you're interested because I love ya!

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