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P-Vock's Music Box: Ratchet it Up

Hello and welcome back to P-Vock's Music Box.


After last week's globe-trotting journey with the Jump Man, I'm still feeling a little adventurous.

But I don't think any place on Earth can satiate my yearning to travel.

Let's load up for a trip on our favourite rocket ship and head out, TO SPACE!!

Ratchet and Clank is one of the most consistent franchises in gaming and it has been putting out banger after banger for over two decades now. From the OG release to 2021's Rift Apart, this series has been hitting it hard with tight gameplay, awesome characters, fun and memorable locations, dope tunes, and more jokes mocking capitalism than a communist tribunal.

I could just list the countless quotes I spout to this day from this series, but that's not why we're here.

3,2,1, let's jam!

This is the intro level to a mascot platformer, why does it go so damn hard?? That funky bass line, those drums, that insanely catchy melody that sounds about as "Fun Space Journey" as you can possibly get. It's no surprise given the time period in which this was released, but it gives me HUGE Futurama vibes. Almost as if it's from a lost level in the Futurama video game that I've never been able to get a copy of (AND I WANT SO BAD). I wouldn't be surprised if composer David Bergaud was a massive fan of that show.

All of this created a wonderful first impression for a young P-Vock, and that would stay consistent through my entire adolescence with all of the games in this era.

The theremin should not be used in such a funky track. It should be calling out for creepy space vibes and the wonder of the unknown, not mixed in with the hustle and bustle of a big city.

That "should not" is exactly why the Metropolis theme is so memorable to me. It's such a cacophony of musical ideas as if perfectly capturing the vibe of this weird place. Around every corner is a totally new experience with new people from all walks of life. Despite this, there's a slight sense of impending dread in this track, which is perfect for a big city overrun by capitalism in a galaxy containing a comically evil (and ever-entertaining) CEO supervillain who wants to rule over all thanks to the power of BIG WALLET.

I wasn't kidding when I said this series likes to mock capitalism and consumerism.

But, that's not all it does.

This banger boss theme from the third game in the series, hilariously subtitled Up Your Arsenal, plays when you fight a robot pop idol named Courtney Gears who is part of a big movement to overthrow sentient life and allow robots to rule the galaxy. It's just Maximum Overdrive but furry. Yeah, the parody is about as subtle as hitting someone with a brick, but it's still funny to me.

The track, though? Holy spark, it hits so hard. That beat is catchy and that melody gets stuck in my head at random points like 8 times a year. It's just so energetic and fun, with enough intensity to fit playing alongside a climactic battle.

You know the best part of it all? Courtney Gears is a pop star, and there are lyrics to this.

A+. This deserved a damn Grammy. Courtney Gears awakened a lot in young P-Vock, such as his desire to overthrow governments and weird taste in clearly toxic women.

Okay, I'm moving on before you judge me too much.

I'm sure your weekend won't contain plots to take over the universe (though if they do, you do you, Boo). What I am sure is that Ratchet and Clank music is one of the best ways you can kick it off!

The series is honestly incredible and though some people are less positive about the most recent games, I am always excited whenever we get treated to a new entry to this iconic space-hopping adventure and its awesome leading duo.

Thank you so much for checking out my content, and I hope to catch you back here next time with another suggestion from my Music Box.

Stay Brutal!

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