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P-Vock's Music Box: Pay Your Debts

Hello and welcome back to P-Vock's Music Box, the weekly blog where I drop some rad tunes to get you set for the weekend. I'll keep it short and sweet this week. Last week, I talked about Street Fighter, a franchise everyone has heard of, even if you have zero interest in video games. This week, I'll talk about a game almost every person I know that is super into video games has not heard of. Well, until I told them about it.

Resonance of Fate, or End of Eternity in Japan, is a damn weird game. I won't get into the wonderful steampunk world this game creates that very subtly references socioeconomic hierarchical classes in modern society by having the rich literally live above the poor in the various tiers of a giant tower. Nor will I talk about the interesting god philosophy or any of that crap. Instead, I'll just say the thing y'all are here for, this game has some dope tunes. Have a listen to an absolute banger of a battle theme:

Battle to Pay the Debt has a title that gives me a lot more sheer anxiety nowadays as an adult paying back student loans than it did when I was a teenager who just enjoyed the high-flying and super-intense action of this game's absolutely bonkers combat system and memorable characters. Composed by the same legend that does the Tales of Arise battle theme I dropped a few months back, Motoi Sakuraba, this absolute banger makes me feel so damn motivated that I just want to go shoot a rich guy (though that could also just be my hatred for Elon Musk talking).

As I mentioned, barely anyone seems to know of or remember this game. Out of all my friends, who are super huge nerds and live for video games, I can honestly say that only ONE of my friends has even heard of this game before I mentioned how much I enjoy it to them. Which made it all the more surprising back in July when one of my favourite cover artists, Jonny Atma, just happened to upload an absolutely stellar cover of this high-flying certified jam. I actually got a notification about this cover being uploaded while leaving work one day and dropped my phone because I was so damn shocked. Have a listen to this absolute bop:

Oooh yeah. That's that GOOD stuff. I can't convince anyone to give this absolute gem a try (though it is on the PS4 for pretty cheap, so you could if you wanted to), but I can convince people to listen to its beyond stellar soundtrack. I hope your weekend is as incredible as this bop and remember, it's okay to harm people if they're rich. Thank you very much for joining me today, and I'll see you back here next week with another suggestion from my music box. Stay Brutal!

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