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P-Vock's Music Box: My Heart is Full

Hello and welcome back to P-Vock's Music Box. Something I have wanted for a long time is finally happening, the typically PlayStation-exclusive Persona series has multiple games coming to other platforms. I am so excited for more people to experience these absolutely phenomenal games that are definitely never going to make you cry, I swear. I gave a double dose of Persona music to kick off the school year back in September, so now let's end the school year with a return to this series full of incredible tunes (even though myself and most of you reading this have been done school for like a decade).

Since I played some from 3 and 4 last time, let's jump into 5 (since Persona 1 and 2 do not exist). But, which one should I start with??

Since summer is fast approaching (and my apartment gets so toasty for me that being sweatier than a frog's armpit is an inevitability every single day), I figured I could start off with the music that accompanies your team in the Palace they journey through in the summer. Within a giant pyramid that is definitely not the representation of something extremely depressing and somber, the player is greeted by this absolutely phenomenal piece that is equal parts atmospheric and somber.

I MEAN. It's not sad at all. You're definitely not experiencing the inner thoughts of a child who believes she is the cause of her mother's death. Not at all..

This particular palace is easily my favourite in the game, with the music and atmosphere being the main reasons why.

But now, I'll just give you my favourite.

*I swear this is not a summer-themed track, despite the name literally containing the word "desert"*

While not my favourite overall track in Persona 5, and being even lower in my personal rankings now thanks to many incredible tracks added in the Royal rerelease of the game, Rivers in the Desert is one of the most hype-inducing battle themes of all time. As you beat the piss out of what is basically just a skinny version of Donald Trump (I know, the dream), your ears are greeted by this absolute bop.

It's scandalous, it's intense, it's motivating, it's perfect. I can't think of many pieces of music that really deliver the feeling of "this foe is tough, but I'm tougher" better.

While I prefer the Royal additions from the 2020 rerelease, the original Persona 5 OST from 2017 is absolutely incredible and iconic. I literally didn't even put my favourite track in this blog post (Sunset Bridge, look it up) because there were too many to choose from and these two tracks just fit the timing better.

But alright, I'll quit yammering on about "Ok Boomer" the video game. I hope your weekend is full of hype moments that River in the Desert would accompany and not extremely sad moments like that other one I played for you. Have yourself a great weekend and I'll catch you back here next time with another suggestion from my Music Box. Stay Brutal.

PS. In case you really wanted to get sad, here's a cover that adds phenomenal (and depressingly accurate) lyrics to The Days When My Mother Was There.

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