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P-Vock's Music Box: Let's Just Chill Out for a Second

Hello and welcome back to P-Vock's Music Box, the blog where I take a jammin' tune from my extensive music box to help get you set and ready for the weekend. This week, I just want y'all to chill out a bit with an absolute bop from a modern indie classic.

I enjoy a good 3D platformer, but there are few that really click with me and become something I really cherish. Lo and behold, indie studio Gears for Breakfast crowdfunded this little gem called A Hat in Time and released it to the world in 2017. A Hat in Time is probably my favourite indie game ever. The world, the mechanics, the style, the charming characters, everything in this game is something I just definitely fuck with.

Above all that I love about this game stands the absolutely phenomenal soundtrack. This OST knows what I like. It hits you hard with some totally slammin' boss battle tunes. It caresses your ears with some deliciously jammin' level tunes. It even drops some seriously Damnin' beats to accompany you as you literally sell your soul to the boogeyman. There are just too many excellent beats.

Rush Hour, Train Rush, Your Contract Has Expired, You Are All Bad Guys, and so many more are absolute classics. There are just too many to choose from, but there's one that stands out the most to me. Sometimes in the middle of your heckin' fun platforming adventure, you are whisked away to an alternate dimension for a super fun challenge (and one that was definitely not inspired by Super Mario Sunshine😉). When you reach these weird areas, you are greeted by the most vibe-worthy tune ever composed: Clocktowers Beneath the Sea.

This. This is some good shit. It feels like the perfect Rainy Day Tune, which may be why am I writing this blog entry on a very rainy day. I just cannot get enough of this Certified Bop. But by now, you know how I roll here. I can't just give you one little diddy to jam out to. Luckily for me, A Hat in Time has tons of official remixes to its stellar soundtrack, so here's a slightly slower arrangement of this auditory treat.

I can't get enough of this track or this game. It just makes me happy to listen to, and I hope it does the same for you. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend, thanks for checking back this week, and I'll see you next week with another suggestion from my music box.

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