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P-Vock's Music Box: Let's Fight

Hello and welcome back to P-Vock's Music Box, the blog in which I drop an absolutely banging tune to help push you through to the weekend. This week, Let's Fight!

Because 2021 seems insistent on giving me countless games I am extremely excited for, I can say that we are just two long weeks away from the next installment in one of my favourite franchises, the beloved Tales series. Tales of Arise is the newest entry in this storied series, and I am literally chomping at the bit for this one as everything Bandai-Namco has shown off has me increasingly hyped. The gameplay looks amazing, the story seems very interesting, the characters all look top-tier (one of them is a woman who uses a massive shield and she can bash my head in any day). But of course, this is a music blog, so how does the music seem?

Hoo boy, this soundtrack is going to be phenomenal and I am already bobbing along to the snippets we've heard. This includes the absolutely excellent battle theme that Bamco has let us all enjoy during many trailers and a playable demo they released earlier this month. In fact, they're so confident in this tune that they had a live performance of it at a very recent online gaming press conference. Have a listen because Hot Damn is it ever straight fire.

Well, this certainly enhances the unending adoration I've carried for the violin and those who play it. I've also enjoyed and appreciated the work of Lindsey Stirling, the incredibly skilled violinist in the video, for a long time so this was just an absolute gift that had me grinning from ear to ear, nodding my head along to it, and pumping my fists like an absolute idiot when I first saw it live during the conference. If the overall soundtrack is half as balling as this one tune, we have an easy winner.

Now you probably know how I roll by now, here in this dumb blog, I gotta give you two suggestions to help fire you up for the final weekend in the crimson burning hellishly hot month that is August. So let's turn up the heat with another extremely hype battle theme from the Tales series. This time, one from my personal favourite game in the franchise and a game I've mentioned at BRD multiple times now. Have a listen, and let your Fury Spark.

When Josh finally gets sick of my shenanigans and snaps while beginning to beat the hell out of me, I like to imagine that this tune will pay during the one-sided battle as he utterly destroys me. You know what though if I gotta go anytime soon, I'd be happy to go by getting destroyed alongside this absolute jam. This is one of the many video game tunes that has accompanied many of my workouts, many of my pregame rituals from my sports days, and many of the poops that I needed something epic accompanying me to help me force out.

With that, I shall bid you all adieu. I hope your weekend is as epic as these battle tunes, and I'll see you here next week with another suggestion from my Music Box.

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