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P-Vock's Music Box: Give me My Boy!

Hello and welcome to P-Vock's Music Box. June is the month in which most companies start to unveil their upcoming games to drum up interest. That means that June is a good time for lifeless idiots such as yours truly.

A massive leak in the industry took place a while back and claimed many projects would be coming soon and literally all but one of them have come true as of this June. This leak included multiple projects from the Final Fantasy series. One such project happens to be a remake of the BEST GAME IN THE SERIES.

Since Square Enix won't give this gem the love and respect it deserves, I will!

Final Fantasy 9 is a transcendent masterpiece. It is full of heart, emotion, banging music, characters people want to bang, and my precious boy to who I would cry if anything bad ever happened, Vivi! Vivi is an absolute goober who is doing his best and just wants everyone to be safe, even if he himself is not. He is inquisitive, curious, and adventurous while also remaining rather timid and reserved. All of this comes through perfectly in his theme.

As I said, the theme captures everything. Whenever I hear this tune, I can picture little Vivi waddling around the streets of Alexandria as he tries to find a way to sneak into a show since some lowlife piece of scum gave him a counterfeit ticket to the show (And I swear, I will rend them asunder if I ever find them).

It is a theme that just relaxes and puts me in a nice mood, which is fitting since Final Fantasy 9 is a SUPER WHOLESOME GAME IN WHICH NOTHING BAD EVER HAPPENS TO ANYONE I SWEAR.

Okay, let's give you something a little more dramatic now.

Because this is an RPG, shit goes sideways many times. There comes a moment in which our usually cheerful and optimistic protagonist, Zidane, grows weary and exhausted and very nearly gives up. He begins to distance himself from his comrades as he believes no one will support him and he is on his own. The scenes that take place involve his friends supporting him in battles and desperately trying to convince him that he is not alone.

This is it. You're Not Alone is my favourite piece of music from the Final Fantasy series. It is literally the most perfectly fitting track for the moment. It is somber and intense while remaining desperately optimistic. Which is EXACTLY what it needs to be. The melody has been stuck in my head since the MOMENT I first heard it.

I spoke about Traverse Town from Kingdom Hearts many months ago. In that piece, I mentioned how that piece was instantly one of my favourites. This had that exact same feeling for me, and even more.

This track, and the moment it accompanies, are so powerful to me that they alone are enough of a reason for me to consider FF9 my favourite in the series.

If that doesn't speak to the quality of this music, I don't know what does.

Alright, I have taken up enough of your time. I could go on and on and on about this OST. Hell, there are multiple individual tracks that I could ramble on about for so long. Normally, I have a joke or something here, but I just wanted to gush about one of my favourite games. There are not enough nice things I could say about FF9. The rumour is that it will be getting a remake at some point and if that is true, you'll probably hear me scream-crying with glee about it the moment it is announced.

Thank you so much for checking this out, and I'll catch you next time with another suggestion from my Music Box. Stay Brutal!

PS. Another track I could go on and on about. Have an absolutely phenomenal battle theme:

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