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P-Vock's Music Box: Fighting in the Streets

Hello and welcome back to P-Vock's Music Box, the weekly blog where I hope to set you up for the weekend with some dope tunes. Let's keep it simple this week. The holidays are over and it is illegal to be jolly now. So instead, let's beat the shit out of one another.

There are some series that I don't think I'd ever have to try to explain to people. Street Fighter is one of those IPs for two reasons. Sure, it's so iconic that I think most people would at least recognize the game and some of the mainstay characters like Ryu, Chun-Li, or Ken. Beyond the clear name recognition, I don't there's a franchise out there in all of media that describes what it is all about within its title. Street Fighter is literally just that, it's people duking it out in the street. It's an iconic series, to say the least, so let's start with the iconic theme of the face of the IP.

For such an iconic theme, I think it was a good idea to drop one of the first versions. This is one video game track that I think perfectly captures what it represents. Ryu is a determined, strong-willed, stubborn man who just wants to fight and get better and better. When I think about his theme, it gives me vibes of mixing an intense boss fight and a Rocky-styled training montage.

Play this theme over any Rocky training montage. It fits so damn well.

Sure, Ryu's theme is great, but it's not my personal favourite theme from the series. So, let's have the beats that hail from the character acting as a bit of a contrast to Ryu.

Yeah, that's that good shit. No matter what version I hear, Ken's theme just excites me. Rather than the steely determination and dedicated will of Ryu's theme, Ken's theme delivers a more upbeat energy that definitely feels motivating and intense but also feels a little cocky or arrogant. Ken is definitely a little more cocky and arrogant than his white-clad counter. Plus, Ken is literally the fictional character I most wish I could look like. He got them big muscles, but he also has fantastic hair that I wish I could pull off.

2022 is truly upon us, and I sincerely hope it stands to be a better year than 2021, as easy as that seems after 2021 said "hold my beer" to its previous one. I hope these certified bops motivate you for the weekend, and for the year as a whole. Thank you for checking in and I'll see you right back here next week with another suggestion from my Music Box.

P.S. Chun-Li is my favourite Street Fighter character. I love her for many reasons, such as the fact she could crush me on leg day or just crush me in general. So, I had to drop a version of her theme as well for you to enjoy!

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