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P-Vock's Music Box: Crashing the Castle

Hello and welcome back to P-Vock's Music Box. Friends, I am feeling good today. I have plans this weekend to finally see some of my favourite people that I have not connected with in the meatspace for years. It's so good to see people once again. I wonder what we're gonna do. We could eat good food. We could engage in culture and see a show. Or we could do what we're most likely going to do, play games until our eyes bleed. So, to celebrate this reconnection, let's showcase one of the most bangin' multiplayer games ever.

It pains me to say that Castle Crashers is well over a decade old because I remember being young and stumbling across the game with some classmates and pulling all-nighters to hack and slash our way through various levels as these oddly shaped crusaders. The action was intense, yet outrageous. The humour was grotesque but funny. The music was absolutely jamming!

Have a listen:

Holy hot damn. Has there ever been a piece of music that works so well as the perfect accompaniment to both running through a forest and beating the ever-loving shit out of giant goblins? I don't think so, but this theme certainly is. For a relatively mindless button masher in which the players just slice through an endless wave of enemies, the upbeat tempo and steady beat really fit the context of this game quite well. I never tire of this music even well over a decade later.

Normally, I'd make a tonal whiplash joke and drop some overly intense music, but not this time. The game certainly has more intense beats, but I have another track I want to praise instead.

A world map theme has no business going this hard. Seriously. It is just so good. Like, who needs to try and explain the music and why I like it when I can just scoff and say "This shit slaps"?

I don't have much to say in regards to this genuine bop and I'm too tired to think of something clever.

Alright, let's call it a day here. Jokes aside, I am stoked to see people I truly love once again and it reminded me of the bygone days of couch co-op. Castle Crashers was both behind the times as it came out when couch co-op games like it were at their lowest, while also being oddly prophetic as countless couch co-op games have released recently and created a bit of a couch co-op revival, which is something we file under "Things we love to see".

Oh yeah! If you ever play it, the Blue knight is the objectively correct choice because he's so cool (yes he has ice magic, shut up).

Thank you, as always, for checking this out and I'll hopefully catch you next time with another suggestion from my Music Box. Stay Brutal!

PS. Yada-Yada, here's a dope cover.

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